WWE Raw: Will Jason Jordan’s Mother Be Revealed?


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Kut Angle and Jason Jordan during a WWE Network interview.

On WWE’s Monday Night Raw, Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle’s biological son. That’s not true in real life, of course; in real life, Jason Jordan isn’t even adopted. But in the WWE storyline, is the show planning to reveal who Jason Jordan’s mother is? Is this meant to be something viewers speculate about?

There’s still time for the company to change course on this, but right now, reports indicate that Jason Jordan’s mom is not someone who will be significant. Pro Wrestling Sheet recently reported that there are not currently any plans to introduce Jason Jordan’s real mother on Raw.

Within the storyline, the idea is that Jason Jordan’s real mother is a woman who Kurt Angle dated in college; unbeknownst to him, Kurt Angle got her pregnant right before they broke up. Nine months later, she gave birth to Jason Jordan and put him up for adoption but never told Kurt Angle about this.

“When I was in college at Clarion University, I dated a young lady,” Angle said on Raw on July 17th. “We dated for a while, then we stopped dating. And it wasn’t until recently I found out that she gave birth nine months after our last date. She gave birth to a baby boy.”

Later, in a WWE Network interview, Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle talked a bit about this woman. Jordan said that he hired a private investigator who tracked down his birth mother and arranged a call between the two of them.

“It was difficult,” Jordan said, describing the conversation with his birth mother. “It was a difficult conversation for both of us. I could tell that it was extremely hard for her to go back and think about a decision that she made 28 years ago. And I know that she made that decision with the best intentions, and I wanted her to know that I’ve had a fulfilling, happy life.”

Kurt Angle also said that he has talked to Jason’s biological mother.

“I respect the fact that she reached out,” Angle said. “I talked to her. She’s a very private person, and this is a private matter. We only spoke briefly on the phone, but it was enough that I was able to do this tonight, and that’s good enough for me.”

For weeks, Raw viewers had seen Kurt Angle taking phone calls and acting concerned, and presumably one of these phone calls was with Jordan’s mother. This talk of her being a private person was probably meant to be an explanation for why we don’t ever see or hear from her again. For now, it seems that Jason Jordan’s fictional mother only served the purpose of connecting Jordan and Angle, but she will not become a player in this saga beyond that.

Of course, that could all change, and a few months down the line the WWE could decide to introduce Jason Jordan’s mother on screen. For now, though, it sounds like this is not in the cards.

We don’t know a whole lot about Jason Jordan’s mother in real life, but there are a few photos of her available, which you can view here: