WWE Raw: Recap of the Kurt Angle & Jason Jordan Storyline So Far


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Kurt Angle reveals that Jason Jordan is his son.

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, Jason Jordan is set to speak with The Miz in a “Miz TV” segment. This is the latest in the ongoing saga of Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle, with Angle recently being revealed to be Jordan’s father. So in case you’ve missed any episodes of Raw recently or have just forgotten the details, here’s where we are with the Jason Jordan storyline.

On the July 17th episode of Raw, Kurt Angle told the world that Jason Jordan is his son. Obviously, that’s not really the case; Jordan and Kurt Angle are not related, but for the purposes of the storyline, they are. This came after it was hyped up all week that Angle had a major secret he was going to expose. In an in-ring segment, Angle said that when he was in college, he had a girlfriend who, nine months after their last date, gave birth to a baby boy. Angle didn’t know about this until recently, but the boy grew up to be Jason Jordan, he said.

Jason Jordan then entered, and he and Kurt Angle hugged. That was it for the segment, although later that night, the two gave an interview on the WWE Network. During this interview, Jason Jordan said that he recently hired a private investigator to track down his real parents. This private investigator, Jordan said, found his birth mother, and Jordan was able to arrange a phone call with this woman. It was during this call that the woman revealed that Jordan’s father is Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle ended up cutting that interview short, saying that he wanted to spend some time getting to know his son.

Last week, Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan appeared to have grown much closer, and Angle said that his son wanted to prove himself. That’s why Angle booked Jordan in a match against Curt Hawkins. In a backstage interview, Jordan said that all eyes are on him but that he can handle the pressure. He also said that it’s incredible that the person he grew up admiring, Kurt Angle, is his father. Later that night, Jordan defeated Curt Hawkins.

That’s where we are going into July 31st: Kurt Angle just recently found out about Jason Jordan being his son. Wanting to help Jordan prove himself, he placed Jordan in a match against Curt Hawkins, which Jordan won. All of this also means that Jason Jordan was traded to Raw from SmackDown Live and American Alpha, Jordan’s tag team with Chad Gable, was disbanded.

Backing up a bit, this all started with Kurt Angle receiving a mysterious message from someone saying that he is a “disgrace and an embarrassment to the WWE.” Corey Graves handed Angle this message on the May 29th episode of Raw. Looking at Graves’ phone, Angle said, “If this is true, it could ruin me.”

We had no idea what they were talking about, but this continued to be teased on the subsequent episodes of Raw, with Angle constantly seen speaking with Graves about something and with Angle taking phone calls and looking concerned. On Father’s Day, Graves told Kurt Angle, “It’s too bad you didn’t have a good Father’s Day. I know why: I got the same text that you did.”

This all built up to the July 10th episode of Raw, during which Angle got some mysterious text that made him decide that he has to go public with the secret.

“I can’t let this get out,” Kurt Angle told Corey Graves. “Then again, I might have to go public with this. Oh god, I’m going to lose my family over this. I hope they support me. My career could be destroyed.”

Finally, at the end of the show, Angle was seen talking on the phone with someone and saying, “I totally understand. Whoa, whoa, stop thinking that way. Why don’t you come here next week and we’ll both do it together. Neither one of us has anything to be ashamed of. I’m proud of you. And I hope you feel the same way about me. Yeah. So why don’t you come here next week and we’ll tell the whole world together? And whatever happens, happens. I love you.”

The following week, we learned that this person he was talking to was his son, Jason Jordan. This Jordan/Angle storyline will reportedly be a major part of Raw for the next few months.