Who Is Left on ‘The Bachelor’ 2018? The Final 2 Girls


Arie Luyendyk Jr, Who Is Left On The Bachelor 2018, The Bachelor 2018 Cast


Race car driver Arie Luyendyk Jr. enters the finale of The Bachelor 2018 with just two women left in the running to become his future wife. Luyendyk was the runner-up from Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette back in 2012, so for some Bachelor Nation fans, it was a surprise that six years later, he would go on to star on The Bachelor. The show started out with 29 contestants in the mix this season and they came to Los Angeles, California from all over the country.

Becca Kufrin and Lauren Burnham are the two remaining contestants and you can read on below for the background on each of them. But, BEWARE OF SPOILERS.

Lauren Burnham

Lauren B The Bachelor, Lauren Burnham And Arie Luyendyk Jr, Who Is Left On The Bachelor 2018, The Bachelor 2018 Cast

Photo Credit: ABC – Paul Hebert

Lauren Burnham is a Virginia girl, who has her walls up this season and she works to open up to Luyendyk gradually on her journey. OK Here Is the Situation reported that Burnham was previously engaged to a man named Chris Crane and they were scheduled to be married in July 2017. Crane is actually a pro hockey player and he works under the Toronto Maple Leafs organization. Currently, he plays for the Orlando Solar Bears. Burnham was actually engaged twice, according to reports. ABC executive Robert Mills told Us Weekly that Burnham has actually been engaged twice and The Hollywood Gossip has reported that Burnham was also engaged to her high school sweetheart at one point.

She comes from a military family and they are very protective of her. During the hometown dates, her mother revealed to Luyendyk that she was very nervous about Luyendyk dating multiple women. She worried that Burnham would get hurt.

Becca Kufrin

Becca K The Bachelor, Becca Kufrin And Arie Luyendyk Jr, Who Is Left On The Bachelor 2018, The Bachelor 2018 Cast

Becca Kufrin has been a front-runner from the beginning of this season and she actually got the very first solo date with Luyendyk. It was every girl’s dream. Rachel Zoe provided Kufrin with a full wardrobe of luxurious dresses. Kufrin got to take home beautiful designer shoes. She also feasted on lobster and other delicious treats while she put on a little fashion show for Luyendyk in her new attire. But, the date didn’t stop there. The two later enjoyed a dinner date together that night.

Kufrin has had some sadness in her life over the years. Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, but she is currently in remission, while her father died about 8 years ago. Taking on a bit of a fatherly role, is Kufrin’s Uncle Gary, who is also a pastor. During Kufrin’s limo arrival, she actually got Luyendyk to get down on one knee.

During the fantasy suite dates on the show this season, Kufrin’s ex-boyfriend, Ross Jirgl, flew to Peru in hopes of winning her back. Kufrin previously told Luyendyk that the two had been off and on since college and that Jirgl helped her get through her father’s death. Unfortunately for Jirgl, Kufrin was completely unreceptive of his advances when he surprised her in Peru. Kufrin appeared mortified and told him that she refused to get back into a relationship with him. She called their relationship unhealthy, though Jirgl seemed to have a different opinion.