Where Was Hallmark’s ‘Christmas Homecoming’ Filmed?


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Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ latest Christmas movie, Christmas Homecoming, takes place in the fictional town of Pinewood. Hallmark has a beautiful way of making their Christmas movies magical, enchanting, and inviting. But sometimes you’ll be surprised to find out where they are actually filmed — and when. As with many movies, Pinewood doesn’t actually exist. Hallmark put out all the stops to create the magical feeling in a different city entirely, during the hot summer months.

Hallmark’s Christmas Homecoming (formerly called Welcome Home Warrior while filming) was filmed in British Columbia, Canada. Some of the locations included Vancouver and Fort Langley.

Filming locations included:

  • Langley Centennial (in Fort Langley)
  • BC Farm museums (in Fort Langley)
  • King Street in Fort Langley

The movie was filmed in August, and the cast joked in some of their social media photos about sweating during the filming. But they still were able to make the scenery seem cold and wintery despite the heat in Canada while they were filming.

How do they make hot weather feel so cold? Much of this is due to Front Street Pictures’ crew. Jamie Lake, production manager, told The Wall Street Journal, “Every movie wants that small cute town and there’s only so many small, cute towns within driving distance of the film zone [Vancouver area].”

Fort Langley is one of those areas. It’s just east of Vancouver and is a picturesque village that provides a popular choice for Hallmark films.

So how is snow made in the summer? There are different ways, including snow blankets, a product called Krendl that’s tough to clean, fire-retardant foam, ice shavings taken from ice blocks, snow from ski slope machines, and crushed limestone. Whichever method they choose for a film, it always seems to work.

Here are some photos shared during the filming.

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