Where Is Parkland, Florida? Map of Douglas High School Shooting


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At least 20 people have been injured in a school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School and the suspect may now be at large. Where exactly is the school in Parkland, Florida and Broward County? It’s unclear exactly where the suspected shooter is at this time, but police are searching for the person. They have not yet released a name. You can see a map above showing where the high school is and what is immediately nearby the school. The school is located at 5901 Pine Island Drive. Here is a map of exactly where Parkland, Florida is:

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The affected area, as shared by Google, is here:

Google MapsAffected Area

Here is a closer look at what is nearby:

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Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is near the corner of Coral Springs Rd. and Holmerg Road, near Sawgrass Expressway. A Walmart Supercenter is nearby.

According to fire rescue officials, the situation is being treated as a mass casualty incident, with between 20 to 50 victims. The exact number is not yet known. The school is currently on lockdown and police are searching for the gunman.

This is a developing story.