When Is ‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Appearing on ‘Naked and Afraid: Celebrity Edition’?


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Maci Bookout is currently appearing on the 7th season of Teen Mom OG, but she is gearing up for another show as well. Her new gig involves her being naked in the wilderness and fans can’t wait to see when her episode of Naked and Afraid will air. She is reportedly part of a celebrity edition, but there have been no reports on whether the celebrity edition is just one episode or an entire season. Naked and Afraid is currently at the beginning of its 9th season. The Ashleys Round Up has confirmed that Bookout does participate in a celebrity edition of the Discovery channel show and a source revealed that, “Maci spent a great deal of time training for the show before she left. She got to bring a few extra ‘personal’ items than the typical contestant on the show, but other than that, she didn’t get a lot of special treatment.” Unfortunately, no premiere date for Bookout’s episode has been revealed yet and Starcasm reported that an official announcement by the Discovery channel has not come out either.

For Bookout’s episode of Naked and Afraid, she had to travel to Nicaragua to film. She also joked that her in-laws might not watch the show because her butt won’t be blurred, unlike her other private parts. Bookout also said that her baby daddy seemed fine with her participation in the show.

Bookout’s Teen Mom OG contract will not be affected by being a part of Naked and Afraid and her status as a cast member will not suffer. A source explained that, “Because this show has nothing to do with Maci’s life as a teen parent, it was not a problem for her to do it. It doesn’t matter that it’s not a Viacom-owned show.” Unfortunately for Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham, she decided to part ways with MTV after the show gave her an ultimatum. She was either to remain on Teen Mom OG or continue her career in the adult entertainment industry. Abraham opted to leave the show.

After hearing about Bookout’s on-screen nude gig, Abraham appeared put off by the announcement, especially because Bookout has been strong in her feelings about Abraham’s porn career. When Teen Mom OG returned to MTV in 2015, Bookout, at first, was adamant that she didn’t want to film a show that featured a porn star because she didn’t think it was appropriate. In Touch Weekly reported that Bookout had said, “I don’t judge Farrah or dislike her, but Bentley’s in kindergarten. So kids already ask him about being on TV. And now it’s like ‘Oh, is your mom the one who did a sex tape? Is your mom the one who did a porn?’” Bookout also said at the time, “I’m not going to have my 6-year-old son on a show with someone who did porn.” She soon came around to Abraham’s being on the show and continued to let her son appear on Teen Mom OG.

Abraham sees Bookout’s being naked on national television as “ironic,” though the nature of Naked and Afraid is quite different from porn. Abraham’s said that, “The irony of this is hilarious. Hopefully she has fun on her pornographic show.” Abraham called Bookout’s new gig “tragic,” and according to Hollywood Life, Abraham also said, “I get Maci’s point of view, but the realization is you’re on Naked and Afraid now. At least I’m not naked and afraid!”

In leaving MTV, Abraham wrote the following message on her social media. Abraham firmly stated, “Never apologize for being an ambitious, confident, and strong minded women, as I become the best Farrah I can be, I won’t let a man or network be little me, try to break me, lie about who I am to my core, I’m bullied, surrounded & hurt by all the manipulation, I no longer will allow as a protective mother this vulgar behavior, these crews aren’t trust worthy this “mtv family” is a disgusting gang of power tripping failed producers & executives who have failed … I don’t conduct myself like Viacom’s horrible disgusting ethics & I certainly am raising my daughter to treat people better then MTV’s horrible behavior, our next generation should learn to love humans & treat each other with kindness.” Abraham has launched a $5 million lawsuit against Viacom and several of its employees, following her leaving the show.