What Shows Are Similar to ‘Altered Carbon’?



Once you’ve finished watching Netflix’s new series, Altered Carbon, you might want to know what other series you can watch that are similar, especially on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or other places where you can binge the series online. To find a good series, you’ll need something that’s science-fiction-based but isn’t afraid to be gritty, dark, and bring along a healthy dose of dystopian. So what shows might you consider?

Altered Carbon fans’ first suggestion is The Expanse. This series is currently running on Syfy and is also based on a series of sci-fi books with high acclaim, just like Altered Carbon. The series has a definite dystopian feel and is set in the far future, as humans expand across the galaxy. It also features a battle against elites and corporations, but what it lacks for in AI it makes up for with an alien-type mystery. The production values on Expanse are also quite high in quality.

If you like Tak’s sister, Rei, she also appears on The CW series The 100. But she’s definitely not the focus of the series, so don’t go there looking specifically for her. This series also has a dystopian feel. If you liked some of the forest training scenes, you might get a similar vibe on The 100. It’s a very different story, and corporations aren’t involved at all. Where Altered Carbon is dystopian, The 100 is pure post-apocalyptic sci-fi. But it’s very good.

Another good option is Battlestar Galactica (the reboot series.) It has a different version of the idea of living forever, but there are many elements and themes that are very similar and will resonant from one series to the next. It’s post-apocalyptic but very dystopian and keeps you guessing and hooked on the plot, much like Altered Carbon. If you haven’t already seen it, you might want to make this your first stop.

It’s not on Netflix, but Dollhouse is a top-notch show about clones and mind-swapping that touches on some themes similar to Altered Carbon. Sadly, it ended far before it should have, but this Joss Wedon series is definitely worth watching anyway.

If you liked the AI part of Altered Carbon, you’ll likely enjoy Westworld. This incredible show has one season out so far on HBO and premieres with Season 2 in April. It’s about people visiting a theme park of robots, but there’s a question of whether or not the robots are sentient. It’s a deep show with numerous twists and turns, so Altered Carbon fans should definitely enjoy it.

Some fans suggest Travelers, which also airs on Netflix and has two seasons. Although the feel fo the two series is very different, both are science fiction. Travelers isn’t nearly as dark and gritty as Altered Carbon, but it can still be a good choice.

Redditor Feuermond also recommended a 12-episode animated series called Kaiba. They say some of the premises are similar (memories that can be removed and inserted into different bodies, and the like.) You can watch it with English subtitles here.