WATCH: Willie Corey Goldbolt Talks on Video About Mississippi Shootings


A local reporter obtained dramatic video of Mississippi shooting spree suspect Willie Corey Godbolt talking about the shootings, including of a sheriff’s deputy. You can watch the video above.

Eight people were killed in the rampage, which took place in three different homes.

In the video by the Clarion-Ledger’s Therese Apel, Godbolt says, referring to slain Deputy William Durr: “My pain wasn’t designed for him. He was just there. We was talking about me taking my children, and auntie called the police. I was having a conversation with her stepdaddy, and her momma, and her, my wife, about me taking my children home, and someone called… People who didn’t even live at the house. That’s what they do. They intervene. They cost him his life, I’m sorry.”

The reporter asked what was next for Godbolt, a 35-year-old Mississippi man who has a criminal history for robbery.

“Death. Death. My intention was to have ya’ll kill me. I ran out of bullets.”

Apel also posted dramatic raw video from the arrest.

“I love my wife. I love my kids. They wouldn’t let me live and let live,” Godbolt shouted.

The same reporter released dramatic photos of Godbolt being arrested at the scene.

The shooting spree unfolded in rural Mississippi on May 28. Police have not definitively listed a motive, but the comments on video point to domestic violence. The names of all of the victims have not yet been released.

However, NBC News identified the slain sheriff’s deputy as Durr, who had served on the Sheriff’s Department for two years before being a Brookhaven police officer before that. Durr’s body and the bodies of three women were found at the first scene, according to NBC.

“The other victims were discovered at two separate homes in Brookhaven, Mississippi, where the bodies of two boys and an adult man and woman were found,” NBC reported.

You can read more about Godbolt, including comments from his nephew, here:

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Willie Cory Godbolt is accused of murdering eight people, including a deputy sheriff, in a Mississippi shooting spree. He spoke about the crimes on video.

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