WATCH: Seahawks Quinton Jefferson Tries to Fight Fan in Stands


Things ended ugly in the Seahawks-Jaguars game with multiple personal foul penalties. Two Seahawks players were ejected, including Quinton Jefferson who would then get into a verbal altercation with several Jaguars fans. On his way into the locker room, a drink was thrown at Jefferson, who stopped and walked back over to the fans instead of continuing to the locker room.

At this point, another drink was thrown towards Jefferson who had his helmet off. Jefferson then climbed up the railing and attempted to go into the stands to confront the fan. Luckily, security was able to pull Jefferson down from the wall, and walk him back to the locker room. The incident was reminiscent of a massive NBA brawl which turned ugly when Ron Artest was hit in the face with a drink. Artest then went into the stands to fight the fan. Here’s a look at the 2004 NBA fight.