WATCH: Parks Mall Video of Arlington Shooting Aftermath


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The scene inside Parks mall.

Arlington, Texas police have confirmed that there was an officer-involved shooting at Parks Mall. However, they say there is not an active shooter situation. Dramatic photos and videos emerged from inside the mall, showing the police response as news of the shooting broke. The mall was closed as a result of the incident.

“…Dude just got shot right in front of me!” wrote one person on a widely shared video on social media.

Reports about a possible active shooter at the mall on busy Black Friday weekend sparked a panic after they hit social media. “We are working an incident at Parks Mall involving an officer-involved shooting. One suspect involved. No suspects outstanding. This is NOT an active shooter incident. It’s related to an offense. @ArlingtonParks Mall is being evacuated by security. Incident under control,” Arlington police wrote on the evening of November 26, 2017. CBS11 reported: “…the officer is okay and that the suspect is in critical condition.”

It was the second mall shooting report in a few hours. There were also reports that people were injured after a possible shooting at an American Eagle store in a Middleton, New York Mall. On Saturday, reports of a shooting at a Florida mall sparked a panic but proved unfounded. The shooting reports in Arlington, Texas came in around 4:30 p.m. on Sunday.

In Arlington, police also wrote: “Anyone at the Parks Mall is able to go to their vehicle. The incident is under control. The Parks Mall has closed so please avoid the area. Follow instructions from First Responders if inside the mall.” People expressed fear on social media. “Definitely was just in the shooting at the parks mall … guys most surreal experience …….,” one woman wrote. Wrote another: “I literally just started my job at Forever 21 at the Parks Mall a week ago and this happens… I’m so shaken up.”

Other people expressed frustration at the news. “Prayers going out to everyone involved in the shooting of the Parks Mall. So incredibly sad! People are so stupid!” wrote one person on Twitter.