WATCH: Nintendo Switch OJO Projector In Action + Pricing


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A dozen years ago my best friend purchased a Nintendo Gamecube screen add-on that would allow him to plug in the device and play pretty much wherever he was. The device, with a screen no bigger than an iPad Mini, was pretty neat.

The problem was this device only worked for the Gamecube, was expensive, and resulted in 2-4 players huddling around a tiny little screen. It was not ideal.

Flash forward to 2017. Technology has improved to the point where portable screens are common-place. In our phones, in our iPads, in our Nintendo Switches, but the problem remains: if you’re on the go and want to play a Mario Kart or similarly multiplayer game, a whole bunch of people are going to be crowding around a relatively small screen.

Unless, of course, you’re aware of the forthcoming OJO Projector.

OJO Projector

OJOBeing on the go no longer means you need to squint.

That little guy there looks to solve the small-screen problem. It features 854*480 Pixel Display at at 16:9 Ratio, USB inputs for charging your Switch (and phone), and 5 watt bass-effect dual speaker, which provides “a rich quality sound, both louder and fuller than the Switch’s internal speakers.” The unit can also be connected to an external speaker system via an auxiliary port and cable. And the biggie: offers 4 hour battery life.

Seeking to raise $30,000 via their IndieGoGo campaign, backers can purchase the device for $269, and it will even come with a nifty carrying case and AC Adapter. OJO Projectors will ship in December and backers will receive their device in time for Christmas. The device will retail for $369 once the funding campaign is complete.

But thats not all, Bob. The OJO can also charge your Nintendo Switch or your cellphone via the internal battery as well via USB. Meaning if your OJO is fully charged on a train or plane ride, but your other devices are not, it can act as a power-brick for your phone and Switch.

While primarily positioned as a Switch-focused device – docking with the Switch while in use, the OJO also comes with HDMI inputs, meaning you can connect your laptop, Xbox One, or PS4 to the device and project as well.

OJO Projector Cost

A docked view of the OJO Projector and The Nintendo Switch

Thus, it seems the folks at YesOJO – the company behind the device, have conjured up something resembling the swiss-army knife of gaming accessories. It charges your console and mobile devices, it displays a bright 200 Lumen image up to 150″ in size (allowing it to function in low / high light), and it’s tiny enough where carrying it around isn’t as burdensome as full-size projectors.

And again, it’s the first and so far only projector that will work with The Switch, which is the primary selling point and intoxicatingly appealing when you think about it. Promotional materials feature the projector in the woods and at parties, operating in different kinds of lighting pretty well.

You can buy the device here, and be sure to stay tuned for a review and impressions of OJO Projector.