WATCH: Lucian Wintrich Arrested After Assaulting Girl at UConn Speech


Lucian Wintrich, the White House correspondent for the far right website Gateway Pundit, has been arrested after he appeared to assault a female student after his “It’s OK to Be White” speech at the University of Connecticut on Tuesday.

Wintrich was interrupted by protesters who chanted and shouted him down throughout his speech on the UConn campus. He was invited to speak there by the UConn College Republicans.

After the speech, Wintrich was waiting at the front of the room, where he was confronted by two students. One of the students, a woman, then appears to grab a copy of Wintrich’s speech from his podium. He then chases her up an aisle of stairs, grabbing her and appearing to assault her before police pull him away and out of the building. You can watch video of that moment here:

Police told protesters outside the building that Wintrich was arrested and the Hartford Courant confirmed that report. It is not known what charges he will face.