WATCH: LeBron James Responds to Racist Vandalism of Home


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LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers look go ahead 3-0 lead over the Boston Celtics on Sunday night. (Getty)

On the eve of what should be the greatest moment of the year for LeBron James, the NBA star was responding to questions about a racist slur spray painted on his Los Angeles home.

TMZ reported that officers from the Los Angeles Police Department responded to James’ home in L.A. on Wednesday morning and found the n-word “scrawled on the outer gate.” Authorities are looking for security footage from neighbors that may show the suspect in the hate crime. The graffiti has since been covered up.

James took to the podium just one day before his Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals and was asked if he had any comment on the matter.

He responded to the question by saying: “As I sit here on the eve of one of the greatest sporting events we have in sports, race and what’s going on comes again and on my behalf and my family’s behlf…if this is to shed a light and keep the conversation going on my behalf, then I’m OK with it. My family is safe, and that’s what’s most important. But it goes to show that racism will always be a part of the world and part of America. Hate in America — especially for African Americans — is living everyday. Even thought it’s concealed most of the time… people hide their faces and say things about you. When they see you they smile in your face. It’s alive every single day.”

Watch James’ full interview below:

James wasn’t at the home at the time of incident, as he was likely in the Oakland area prepping for Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Warriors.