WATCH: LaVar Ball Defends Lonzo Ball to Stephen A. Smith


It didn’t take long for us to get the first LaVar Ball interview of the NBA season. LaVar joined Stephen A. Smith and Neil Everett on SportsCenter live at the Staples Center after the Lakers lost to the Clippers.

Smith was critical of Lonzo’s first performance noting he lacked aggression. In a bizarre exchange, LaVar defended his son by noting Big Baller Brand still went up 12 percent.

“It was a great opening night. Big Baller Brand went up 12 percent. It’s always good. Even when you lose I win,” LaVar told ESPN.

This obviously had little to do with Lonzo’s average debut, and Smith pressed him further on his son’s performance.

“Lonzo did good,” LaVar went on to say.

This drew the ire of Smith.

“How, what game are you watching?” Smith asked.