WATCH: Hillary Clinton Compares Trump to Nixon, Citing ‘Obstruction of Justice’


During a commencement speech today, Hillary Clinton compared President Donald Trump to Richard Nixon, suggesting that he has obstructed justice.

In her speech, Clinton recalled what her life was like back in 1969 when she delivered the Wellesley College commencement speech while she was a student there. She laid out a situation that applied to life back then but which she also was clearly suggesting applies to today as well.

Clinton stated that students at the time were furious about the last election, which resulted in a president being elected who subsequently obstructed justice and fired the person running an investigation into him.

This comment caused the audience at Wellesley to erupt in applause, and Clinton also seemed to predict that Trump would be impeached just like Richard Nixon was.

Clinton went on to say, though, that she and the rest of her classmates survived this tumultuous period during Richard Nixon’s presidency, implying her supporters will be able to survive Donald Trump too.

Later, Clinton mocked Trump for lying about the size of the crowd at his inauguration, and she also mocked Kellyanne Conway for her use of the phrase “alternative facts.”