WATCH: Adobe MAX Day 2 Livestream


Adobe is live streaming their keynote speakers for their annual Adobe MAX event this year. If you couldn’t make it to the event in Las Vegas in person but still want to know what was announced and has happened at the event so far, it’s free to watch online.

To watch the event through Adobe’s Blog, go to the link here. We’ll have a live video up once the event begins. It should also be available live at their YouTube channel here.

There are plenty of different speakers through the two-day event. Here’s the schedule for live streaming:

  • Wednesday, October 18 12 p.m. EST:
  • “Keep your finger on the pulse of the newest innovations as we reveal how you can work smarter and faster, all while taking your creative skills in new directions.”

You can watch the video from Wednesday’s live stream here.

Thursday, October 19 1 p.m. EST:

If you’re interested in new tools in any of the applications in the Adobe Creative Cloud, watch the video from Wednesday. If you’re interested in all things Adobe, tune in both days and you’ll get some really great information.

People on Twitter seemed to be pretty excited about the tools that Adobe has introduced this year.

Some people have pointed out a couple of bugs they’re already seeing.

Adobe discussed Mixed and Augmented reality at the event along with the newest generation of children already being able to use some Adobe products.

The company said they understand that designers are under a lot of pressure and they’re creating new tools to meet the needs of modern design, along with building tools to enable people to get up to speed and gain new skills quickly. Adobe XD is also out of Beta and ready to use right now. The app has been developed in Beta in partnership with the creative community over the past two years.