Villagers & Heroes: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know


Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Villagers & Heroes.

1. Play Villagers & Heroes Anywhere, Anytime with Cross-Platform

Villagers and Heroes

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Villagers & Heroes is a fully playable experience on Android, PC and iOS, plus your account is shared across all devices. Login on your phone while on break and water your garden and chat with some friends. Login on your PC at night for a bounty run and some some socializing with your guild. Kick your feet up on the couch and do some crafting while on your tablet. Have your wife, husband, kids, or friends login and play with you on whatever device you aren’t using.

2. Rebirth Early and Often

Villagers and Heroes Mad Otter Games

Villagers & Heroes has a robust Rebirthing system. Players can reset their characters to level one and in the process gain powerful rewards and advantages. Players can rebirth starting at Level 30, with the first rebirth giving substantial boost to combat talents. In total, players can Rebirth five times, giving players plenty of interesting things to do, and yet another way to improve their character. It is recommended to Rebirth at Level 30, since this rebirth goes incredibly fast, yet gives your avatar huge advantages on their trek to Level 90.

3. Don’t Forget to /Redeem

Villagers and Heroes Mad Otter Games

Villagers & Heroes always has redemption keys floating around for various promotions which give free rewards and only take a moment to claim. They also have a long running key that is always active, “newplayerwelcome,” which when redeemed will give the player some helpful items to get started. Players can redeem keys by typing “/redeem” (don’t forget the slash) into chat on either the mobile client or the PC client. Enter the key and your rewards will go straight to your inventory. Note that a redemption key can only be claimed once per account.

4. Get a House Early

Villagers and Heroes Mad Otter Games

Villagers & Heroes has an entire “Village” side of the game which focuses on players living in villages together, with each villager owning a home (think of what a Guild from another MMO would look like in the real world, and that’s what Villagers & Heroes has).

• Access to Villages can be found through a yellow portal in the first starting zone, “Summer’s Hollow.” Select a Village that you think sounds cool and head on in to find a home. Purchasing a home is entirely free (no cash shop stuff here). Once you have a home, you get a free vault for storage, gain access to growing your own crops and raising livestock, and you also get plugged into the Village chat system where you can begin interacting with others in your village. Who needs a guild finder when you can just knock on your neighbors door and say hello?

5. Save Your Zogs

Villagers and Heroes Mad Otter Games

• “What the heck is a Zog?” – you ask? A zog is a collectible token dropped from almost any creature in Villagers & Heroes. After defeating enemies they will drop as loot, looking sort of like an oversized egg. If you collect five of any type, you can turn them in for great rewards, including premium currency (crowns). Whenever you visit the city, drop all the Zogs you’ve found into your vault, and once you have five of a kind, take them out and redeem. Collecting zogs is a simple, fun little side system that is generous in doling out rewards.

6. Complete the Early Storyline

Villagers and Heroes Mad Otter Games

• We’ve all been there, dragging around through an early game tutorial, all the while feeling the itch to “get to the real game.” Villagers & Heroes does have a short early game tutorial, but it quickly branches out into a large story arch that is basically a classic and well-implemented “whodunnit.” The storyline and quests are incredibly well written by an actual screenplay writer, with hilarious and witty dialog. Not only will you enjoy these early game quests, but they also give great rewards, including great XP, rare items, and even your first mount (a horse). Well worth your time.

7. Pie. Yes Pie.

Villagers and Heroes Mad Otter Games

Heroes & Villagers alike all share the love for the same glorious post-dinner dish: Pie! In Villagers & Heroes, Pies are a consumable item that boosts experience gains by upwards of 30-percent. Pies are made exclusively in game from gardening and cooking, and with Villagers & Heroes’ great community, getting your hands on some pie isn’t all that hard. If you don’t want to grow your own ingredients, then check the Auction House or ask in chat. But if you’re still coming up empty handed, check a food vendor that sells a base version (that boosts by 5-percent) for just a few in-game copper. How all these characters are keeping their waist lines down is a mystery…but who doesn’t like to level faster?

8. Bounties, Bounties, Everywhere…

Villagers and Heroes Mad Otter Games

• Ever been playing a game and come across a cool looking boss? You spend a while killing it, but then gain absolutely nothing because “too bad you weren’t on the quest.” It’s the worst…However in Villagers & Heroes, bosses are everywhere and quests be damned! Every combat zone in the game has a huge roster of bounty bosses scattered across the landscape. You can find them on your local map, or read up on them in the bounty journal (a subsection of the normal journal). Killing a bounty boss gives huge bonuses and a better chance at rare loot. And to top it all off, they’re repeatable! Bounties can be killed once per day for extra rewards, and there are literally thousands of them. What ends up happening is huge mobs of players roll through zones laying waste to all bounties in sight (oh, and remember that nasty thing called “Kill Credit” in other MMOs? It’s not in VH! Anyone who gets at least a hit in on the bounty gets full credit for the kill). It’s quite the rush, and a great way to level and make new friends.

9. Master Your Mastery

Villagers and Heroes Mad Otter Games

Villagers & Heroes has robust randomized loot that has elements from both classic MMO and ARPG style loot systems. Among a myriad of interesting stats is a stat called Mastery. Mastery focuses on core specializations depending on class, eight total across all classes (Fire, Ice, Nature, Marksman, Shadow, Holy, Fury, Lightning). Having your main-stat high is one of the surefire ways to increase your combat potential. E.g. The more Fire Mastery you have, the harder your Fireball will hit.

• But what a lot of players don’t realize is that your Mastery also influences your quest rewards. Most quests in Villagers & Heroes give Gear as a reward, and the exact type of gear you receive depends on which of your Masteries is higher. The result is a system where 100-percent of the time you are getting items from quests that you actually want (who here has been playing a Mage and been forced to take plate armor as a reward!). It also makes it so if you want to have some sort of hybrid build or begin switching to a new spec, you can. Simply adjust your own gear right before you turn a quest in. Who doesn’t like getting just what they want?

10. Make Sure to Tap into the Community

Villagers and Heroes Mad Otter Games

• Unlike some other MMOs out there, Villagers & Heroes is filled with some of the most friendly, helpful, and kind-hearted players around. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in world chat, or ask a long time player for some advice. It will not only help you get going, but you could end up with a genuine friend. Many members of our community have been around for years, and have made lifelong friends in the process. Villagers & Heroes isn’t just a place to play, it’s a place to feel at home.

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