VIDEO: Father Randall Margraves Attacks Larry Nasser in Court


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The scene in the Larry Nasser courtroom.

Larry Margraves, the father of some of Larry Nasser’s victims, tried to attack Nasser in court after referring to him as a “son of a b@tch.”

You can watch the dramatic video here. In it, the distraught and angry father asks the judge to give him five minutes in a locked room with Nasser, and then asks for one minutes with the former doctor to America’s top gymnasts. The judge admonished the father not to use expletives in court, and the father then rushed toward Nasser before he was subdued by law enforcement officers providing security in the courtroom.

Here’s video of Margraves being restrained by law enforcement on the floor of the courtroom. According to Lansing State Journal reporter, Matt Mencarini, wrote on Twitter, “Moments before he rushed at Nassar, Randall Margraves asked Cunningham, as part of her sentence, to give him 5 min in a locked room with Nassar. She said she couldn’t do that. He asked for a min, she said she couldn’t allow that. Then he ran at Nassar.”

Here’s another view:

Three of Margraves’ daughters are among the many victims who were abused by Nasser.