Valentine’s Day 2018: Top 10 Best Romantic Gifts for Him


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We know, it’s tempting to fall right off the gushy cliff when you’re shopping for Valentine gifts for your guy. And why not? It’s that one time of year when you pretty much get carte blanche to be super sentimental, and your sweetheart will eat it up. We thought it might be fun to give you some Valentine’s Day gift ideas, separated by category. That way, no matter whether you’re in a new, or long term relationship, you can easily find the perfect romantic gifts for him.

Since you’re probably planning out your Valentine’s Day date night, our first group of gifts are all about delivering romantic mood makers for your special evening. We’ve focused on the senses of sight, smell and sound, because these are some of the most powerful for creating intimate conversations or enjoying those hand holding, quiet moments, just reliving your best past memories.

If you like to focus on relationship builders, rather than traditional things, we’re giving you our best ideas for creating the most romantic Valentine’s Day experiences. These could elevate your life as a couple to new heights. Whether it’s simply cooking an intimate meal together, planning some amazing travel adventures, or creating a joint bucket list, these romantic gifts for him will absolutely let your man know that you’re in this love game with him for the long haul.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve suggested some purely romantic reminders. Even if they’re too shy to admit it, most guys like to know they’re thought of often and fondly. From a sweet couples necklace set he won’t be embarrassed to wear, to rustic signs and decor for your home, or his office, these romantic gifts for men will surely melt your Valentine’s heart.

As you embark, or continue, on life’s journey together, these Top 10 Best Romantic Valentine’s Gifts for Him should spark some ideas on how you can switch it up, and make this sentimental holiday one of his favorites of the year. In case you’re in need of even more inspiration, we’ve got dozens of amazing Valentine gift suggestions right here.

Best Romantic Mood Makers

1. Kingtoys LED Projection Romantic Night Lamp

Mood light, romantic gifts for him, romantic gifts for men Kingtoys

Setting the stage for a romantic evening is all about creating the right mood. You can make sure his evening is warm and relaxed with this romantic mood light. These light systems make perfect romantic gifts for men, because they can create a dreamy atmosphere, with luscious starry sky scenes, that put you and your Valentine man in a universe all your own. Any other time, he can set the speed, and light design, for parties, and other celebrations, making it a gift he’ll enjoy any time, but especially on your special night. Another cool mood light that’s a bit more budget friendly is the SOAIY Aurora Projection LED Light. It has eight light projection modes and a built in speaker. At just $21.99, it’s a great choice as well.

Price: $59.99

Buy the Kingtoys LED Projection Romantic Night Lamp here.

2. AROVA Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

aromatherapy diffuser, romantic gifts for him, romantic gifts for husband AROVA

Scent is often more powerful than sight, in terms of evoking special memories or creating the perfect romantic ambiance. This manly mahogany-tone aromatherapy infuser can not only make the air in the room easier to breathe, it can be charged with essential oils for whatever mood you’re trying to create this Valentine’s day. Whether he needs a boost of energy, help relaxing at the end of a stressful day, or a dose of refreshing outdoor scents after a winter inside, he’ll love you for this romantic gift that can elevate his mood and his mind whenever he’d like. This diffuser is wrapped in a cool LED light ring that can be set to any one of seven different colors. Put a bow on it, and present it with a set of Natrogix Bliss Essential Oils, to use individually, or in combination. That way, he can help create the context for your special Valetine’s evening.

Price: $27.99

Buy the AROVA Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser here.

3. ICE Orb Levitating Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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What could be more romantic for your Valentine’s date night than infusing the music that will remind him of your most special times? Whether it’s the songs from the day you met, your favorite adventures together, or that special track from your wedding day that still gives you butterflies, music can create loving moments with one another. This cool levitating speaker isn’t just a great gift pick for its unique design and floating function. This speaker delivers high quality, dynamic, surround sound that can fill any room, even though it’s pretty tiny. Let’s be honest, most guys love tiny tech stuff. Because it can pair with your smartphone or tablet, you can create the perfect music mix that will touch his heart and soul this Valentine’s Day. Plus this speaker does double duty as a charging dock, and it’s just pretty darned interesting to look at.

Price: $109.99

Buy the ICE Orb Levitating Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker here.

Best Romantic Valentine Experiences

4. Mr. & Mrs. Aprons

cooking aprons, romantic gifts for him, romantic gifts for husband Tstars

Whether you’ve been recently married, or you’re long term loves, cooking together can create some of the most intimate and romantic experiences. Because you’re working together on some culinary creation, simply touching, tasting, experimenting and sharing almost always leads to laughter, fun and delicious food. These cute cooking aprons are a fun way to complement your relationship, while keeping your clothes clean. That way, once you sit down to enjoy your Valentine’s Day dinner, your clothes will still be clean. These aprons are fun romantic gifts for husbands, because they encourage him to share the kitchen space, and discover how fun cooking (and cleaning up) can be, when you do it as a couple. If you’re looking for a cooking apron set for any man with a good sense of humor, we think these Kiss the Cook His and Hers Aprons are especially fun. If you’re new to the experience of cooking together, or you’ve been trying to encourage your mate to join you in creating meals, wrap up the book Date Night In: More than 120 Recipes to Nourish Your Relationship, that will help you create perfect meals for just the two of you.

Price: $32.90 (18 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Mr. & Mrs. Aprons here.

5. Kama Sutra Lovers Heart Kits

edible massage oil, romantic gifts for him, valentine gifts for him Kama Sutra

With Valentine’s Day being the holiday that embodies love and affection, there’s no better way to show yours than with the simple act of intimate touch. Kama Sutra’s Lovers Heart kits are romantic gifts for him that give you permission to pamper him with a sensual massage. Filled with sweet almond massage oil, Vanilla souffle kissable cream, edible honey dust, and a tiny feather duster to top it all off, this sexy kit is a tactile experience, wrapped up in a clever Valentine heart box. If you’re traveling somewhere for a Valentine’s Day getaway, the Getaway Kit and Weekender kits from Kama Sutra are sure to amp up your romantic adventure. Just in case you’ve been reading 50 Shades of Grey aloud to one another, you could consider the Forever Tantra’s Sensual Massage Kit for some intimate role play.

Price: $28.92

Buy the Kama Sutra Lovers Heart Kits here.

6. It’s a Date Night Valentine Gift Box

movie night gift basket, valentine gifts for him, romantic gifts for him GiftBasket Associates

Some of the best Valentine’s Day memories can happen on date nights that happen at home. This fun date night Valentine gift basket features tons of tasty treats, including popcorn and a huge selection of chocolate candies, and of course, some of those sweet and silly Valentine’s hearts. Better yet, it comes with a Redbox gift card to rent your favorite romantic movies that night. A perfect romantic gift for him, whether he’s your boyfriend, husband or life partner, it’s a great excuse to snuggle in and enjoy each other’s company, without theater seat mates rudely talking during your movie. Get totally comfy cozy in some cute matching jammies, or his and hers robes.

Price: $70.05

Buy the It’s a Date Night Valentine Gift Box here.

7. Young’s Metal Bucket List Bucket

cool bucket list ideas, valentine gifts for him, romantic gifts for him Young’s

According to the man in my house, one of the most romantic gifts for him would be planning our future together. That’s when I started searching for cool bucket list ideas, and came upon this adorable metal bucket. Even though it’s small, this bucket can be filled with all your biggest ideas and shared dreams. It comes with a snap on lid, so your thoughts never get lost, and contains 30 cute cards to write down your goals. Since planning together is behind this Valentine gift for him, get some sensible, yet fun guidelines with a book that can get you started planning your bucket list as a couple. If you forsee a future that is filled with travel dreams, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die will deliver more fabulous ideas than you could ever fit into your lifetime together.

Price: $15.47

Buy the Young’s Metal Bucket List Bucket here.

Best Romantic Reminders

8. His & Hers Matching Titanium Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace Set

couples necklaces, valentine gifts for him, romantic gifts for him SunnyHouse

Tough enough for your manly man, but feminine enough for you, these couples necklaces are a clever and subtle reminder of how much you adore each other. Jewelry can be particularly hard, when you’re searching for romantic gifts for him, but this set stands out for its double ring design, made from tough and durable titanium stainless steel. With one ring inscribed with the words “love” and “eternity”, and the other with the sweet sentiment “The world looks wonderful when I am with you”, this jewelry set will make him feel warm all over, every time he catches sight of his necklace in the mirror. Couples bracelets are another cool jewelry idea, especially with the popularity of leather cuffs. These are embellished with an infinity charm, to symbolize your love is everlasting.

Price: $19.99

Buy the His & Hers Matching Titanium Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace Set here.

9. Primitives by Kathy So That I Could Love You Longer Box Sign

box sign, romantic gifts for men, romantic gifts for him Primitives by Kathy

If you’ve been getting frustrated trying to find some seriously romantic gifts for him, consider a piece of wall art that reminds him he’s loved, each and every time he walks by it. Whether you hang it in his home office, man cave or your bedroom, there won’t be a time he’s not touched by the sentiment of this oh-so-sweet box sign. Made with dimensional wood, and an old school shabby chic finish, even though the thought seems super romantic, he’ll never be embarrassed to have friends and family see it. Primitives by Kathy has tons of sweet love signs we’re sure he’ll get all sentimental about, like the I Can’t Say I Love You Enough sign, and the simplest of all, that says I Love Us. If your guy tends to shrug off those more emotional expressions, gift him a wall hanging to celebrate his man cave, because even that nod to his need for personal space might seem romantic to him.

Price: $26.99

Buy the Primitives by Kathy So That I Could Love You Longer Box Sign here.

10. Hello Handsome Pillow Case

personalized pillow cases, romantic gifts for men, romantic gifts for him Cafe Press

There’s an old saying that says you should never go to bed angry, but we think bedtime is also the perfect opportunity to remind your guy that you think he’s totally hot. We all need the occasional reassurance from our partner, and this romantic gift for him delivers a nightly dose of good feelings that are sure to lead some end of day conversations and night filled with sweet dreams. If you’re a pillow poster child, a set of embroidered throw pillows serve up sweet sentiments for both of you, that you’ll see every time you pass your bedroom. If you want to give him a reminder he can enjoy all day at work, get him the Lucky In Love picture frame, with your very favorite picture as a couple already inside, or create a book of lasting memories that you keep at his bedside with the Hollow Heart Love Wood Photo Book. Since it holds 120 photos, keep adding new ones, so each time he opens it there’s a brand new surprise.

Price: $18.99

Buy the Hello Handsome Pillow Case here.

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