Trevin Steede: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


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Celtics’ swingman Jaylen Brown said he was inspired to lead his team to victory after learning of his best friend’s death in Atlanta. After defeating the Warriors 92-88 in California, Brown told reporters that he had learned before the game of his best friend, Trevin Steede’s, death. Brown, who led his team with 22 points, said that he was close to not playing but had been convinced to do so after speaking with Steede’s mother. Brown also thanked Coach Brad Stevens for convincing him to suit up.

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Here’s what you need to know about Jaylen Brown’s best friend:

1. Kyrie Irving Told Brown Before the Game: ‘This One Is for Trevin’

Prior to the game, Kyrie Irving gave Brown the ball and told him, “This one [is] for Trevin. Brown told the media after the game, “My best friend passed last night. It was king of tough to kind of accept it. Everybody was kind of in shock. But I knew coming into today that he would have wanted me to play. It was hard getting my thoughts together, but after talking to his mom and his family, they inspired me to come out and play.” Brown added, “I wasn’t in any shape to come out. I didn’t want to leave my room. But they inspired me to come out and play. And I came out and played in his spirit today. My teammates held me up and we pulled it out.”

Brown also told reporters about how he became friends with Steede saying, “[Steede] tells this story all the time: I transferred schools to play basketball at Wheeler High School. He was already there. And they transferred me in. Ultimately, I was probably taking his spot, but I remember I didn’t have any friends sitting at the lunch table. The first few days I sat by myself and acted like I’m too cool, I didn’t need anybody. You know what I mean? Like, I’m an introvert, I’ll be alright.” Brown added that on his third or fourth day at the school, Steede persuaded the future Celtics player to sit with him and “ever since then he’s been my brother,” Brown said.

2. Brown & Steede Starred in a Viral Video in October 2017

In October 2017, Steede starred with Brown in a YouTube video of the pair playing one on one at the Celtics training facility. The video was designed to show the vast difference between NBA players and regular players. The Washington Post called the video “a sad reminder of the easygoing friendship the two shared.”

After the Warriors game, Brown shared a screenshot from the video on Twitter.

3. Steede Came From a Basketball Crazy Family

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Steede’s social media presence demonstrates his love of basketball. It’s something shared by his family too, Steede’s sister Tierra plays for the Charleston Southern University woman’s basketball team. While his other sister, Tashayla, plays for both Georgia Southern and Belhaven teams. Tierra Steede’s bio says that her Trevin Steede played for the Chattahoochee Tech men’s team.

4. Steede Wrote on His Instagram Page: ‘Make Sure You Keep That Same Energy When I’m Gone’

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Steede’s Instagram page has become a shrine to him following his passing. On his bio on the page, Steede wrote, “Make sure you keep that same energy when I’m gone.”

5. Brown Is Going to Georgia Ahead of the Celtics Game in Atlanta to Be With His Friends

Coincidentally, the Celtics first game after playing the Warriors is in Atlanta on November 18. According to Sports Illustrated, Brown traveled to Georgia ahead of the team to be with his friends and family. The Celtics are seeking to get their fifteenth straight victory.