Top 25 Best Valentine’s Day Candy Gifts 2018


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When you think Valentine’s Day, you think candy. Sure, romance too–but candy first.

I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday (read my Best Valentine’s Day Chocolate Boxes article for the odd reason why) but not everyone is going to be into that. Single folks, kids, and simply people who aren’t looking to find “their Valentine” at the moment all have love to celebrate that isn’t necessarily romantic. Valentine’s Day lets us celebrate love in all its forms. We do this by gifting each other tasty treats which isn’t as traditionally romantic as say flowers or jewelry. These candy gifts show that when I think of love, you’re one of the people who comes to mind. Even people who hate Valentine’s Day, for whatever reason, will still love free sweets.

Every conversation heart, box of chocolates, and heart shaped candy is a small, uncomplicated way of saying, “I’m grateful you’re in my life,” that works for coworkers, bosses, friends, classmates, relatives, employees, and, of course, significant others.

Every late January and early February we are bombarded with pink and red candies lining store aisles. The thing is, it’s all pretty much the same five or six things in all of the stores. Don’t get me wrong, those things are delicious, but when you’re giving a gift you want something a little different. The kids at school don’t want to give out something boring to their classmates and you probably feel the same way about your office mates. I’ve pulled together the top Valentine’s Day candy gifts that cover the can’t miss classics but also unique and interesting ideas to help you stand out from the crowd.

Plus, with these gifts, you don’t have to get out of your comfy clothes and drive to the store. Getting candy delivery is about as good as it gets.

If you’re looking for different Valentine’s Day gifts check out my guides to the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Best Friend and Best Valentine’s Day Chocolate Boxes.

On to the sweet stuff!

1. Necco Sweethearts Conversation Hearts

Sweetheart conversation hearts valentines day candy Amazon

The original classic, conversation hearts are a staple of any Valentine’s Day. They’re great as a nostalgic callback to years past and still fun for kids today who may be encountering them for the first time. This package comes with 36 individual one ounce boxes of Necco Conversation Hearts making them perfect for your kid’s Valentine’s friendship exchange in their classroom. The fun hearts with cute familiar phrases like, “be mine,” “dream big,” and “say yes,” some in fruity flavors like lemon, blue raspberry, strawberry, and apple.

They’re made in America and don’t contain any gluten or nuts–however, they are produced in a facility that handles allergens so just keep that in mind. If you don’t need 36 boxes and don’t want to finish up the extra yourself, you can also pick up a package of 12 boxes. Or, if you don’t need individual boxes, you can save money by buying them by the pound.

Price: $39.99

Buy the Necco Sweethearts Conversation Hearts here.

2. Personalized Valentine’s Day Hershey’s Candy Bars

Chocolate candy bars with brown happy valentines day kraft paper wrappers Amazon

Want to make sure no one else brings the same candy as you? Make your gifts unique in the world with these personalized candy bars. These are Hershey’s milk chocolate bars that are wrapped in a rustic-chic kraft paper label. The front of the candy bar will have the happy “heart” day message and then you have four lines of text on the back that you can fill with whatever you want.

And they give you a lot of space back there. I was able to type out “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” over six times in the customization screen–which makes for a strange looking candy bar, and I know this because they automatically show you a preview of what your text will look like on your candy bars. This package comes with 12 bars, but they also have an offer of 36 customized chocolate bars.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Personalized Valentine’s Day Hershey’s Candy Bars here.

3. Woodford Reserve Bourbon Chocolates

Brown chocolate box of Woodford Reserve Bourbon candies Amazon

If you’re looking for a gift for adults, definitely give this a once over. Woodford Reserve is considered one of the top bourbons on the market so this is a perfect gift for the bourbon drinker in your life. This stylish packaging steps outside the ornate red and pink Valentine’s box and comes with 36 bourbon infused chocolate balls. The Woodford Reserve bourbon center is covered in rich dark chocolate and topped with a pecan. These bourbon balls are available in a smaller box of nine chocolates. You can also get Woodford Reserve Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, Woodford Reserve Mint Julep Chocolates, and Woodford Reserve Bourbon Butter Crunch.

Price: $34

Buy the Woodford Reserve Bourbon Chocolates here.

4. Valentine Love Note Boogers

Colorful plastic tubs of pebble candy with valentine labels Amazon

Swinging in the complete opposite direction, here we have candy pretending to be animal boogers. These are a big hit for Valentine’s Day friendship exchanges in classrooms. The tubes are filled with fruit flavored pebble candy and each is wrapped in a different animal label. You get 12 pieces in this set so there are 12 different animals, each with their own picture and pun-filled Valentine phrases like “Hoppy Valentine’s Day” for the frog and “Whale you be mine?” for the whale. They’re adorable, they’re funny, and they’ll make little kids giggle endlessly. These candies are manufactured in a nut and gluten free facility and the candy itself does not contain gluten, nuts, dairy, eggs, or soy.

Price: $22.50

Buy the Valentine Love Note Boogers here.

5. Long Stem Milk Chocolate Roses

Half dozen fake red roses that are valentine day chocolate candy Amazon

Should you get them chocolate or flowers? Why choose? Chocolate flowers to the rescue. This bouquet comes with six artificial red roses with realistic silk leaves and long 19 inch stems. The roses are milk chocolate molded into a rose shape and wrapped in bright red foil. I like that the chocolates are semi-solid because they’re more likely to hold up in travel compared to hollow chocolates–plus you get more chocolate. They also offer a set of a dozen of these chocolate roses delivered in a floral gift box.

Price: $26.24

Buy the Long Stem Milk Chocolate Roses here.

6. Valentine’s Love Candy Gift Basket

Heart shaped tin filled with pink valentine day candy Oh Nuts

Gift baskets are great when you want your gift to last more than one day (usually), are sending it to a group of people, or you want more variety. This Love Candy Basket from Oh Nuts is about as pink as it gets. It comes in a reusable heart tin, which is way more practical than trying to find a use for a basket. The tin contains pretzels with a pink strawberry yogurt coating, milk chocolate balls in red foil, gummy hearts, and pressed candy hearts (think Runts Candy). They’re kosher, made in America, and contain over 60 pieces of candy.

Price: $22.95

Buy the Valentine’s Love Candy Gift Basket here.

7. Green & Black’s Valentine’s Day Assorted Chocolates

Pink gift bag of chocolate valentines day candy Green & Black’s

This package comes with eight gift bags filled with assorted Green & Black’s chocolates, including their 70% cocoa dark chocolate. For the dark chocolate lovers, Green & Black’s delivers intense, biting chocolates with complex flavors. Each bag contains a mixture of dark chocolates with sea salt, milk chocolates with sea salt, and dark chocolates with salted caramel. It’s a more adult taste that would be great for giving out in your office. I featured Green & Black’s in my Best Valentine’s Day Chocolate Boxes article and love that all their chocolate is ethically sourced.

Price: $38.11

Buy the Green & Black’s Valentine’s Day Assorted Chocolates here.

8. Lindt Lindor Valentine Strawberries & Cream Chocolate Truffle Boxes

Valentines day gift boxes shaped like strawberries dipped in cream Lindt Lindor

Lindt truffles make another great office gift. Few people can resist the indulgent silky texture of these truffles. This comes with six gift boxes of Lindt’s limited edition Strawberries and Cream flavor. Each box contains around 14 truffles and is cleverly shaped and printed to look like a pink strawberry that has been dipped in cream. If you’re only buying for one, check out this set of Limited Edition Lindt Valentine’s Flavors of Strawberries and Cream and Red Velvet.

Price: $41.38

Buy the Lindt Lindor Valentine Strawberries & Cream Chocolate Truffle Boxes here.

9. Hershey’s Giant Solid Milk Chocolate Kisses

Giant red Hersheys Kiss candy in red Valentines day gift box Amazon

Why is super-sized candy so fun? I don’t know, but it really is. This mega version of the tiny Hershey’s Kiss is seven ounces of solid milk chocolate. That’s almost half a pound. That’s a hefty kiss. It comes wrapped in the iconic Hershey Kiss foil, complete with paper strip, and in a red Valentine’s gift box. This is a gift that’s good for any age. You can get them in this single pack as well as in packs of two giant kisses and four giant kisses.

Price: $11.47

Buy the Hershey’s Giant Solid Milk Chocolate Kisses here.

10. Les Anis de Flavigny Rose Flavored Candies

Pink tin of rose hard candies Les Anis de Flavigny

If you’re looking for something unique and unexpected, try these Rose Flavored Candies by Les Anis de Flavigny. This French company has been making hard candies since 1591. Let that sink in for a second. In the 1590’s Europe was dealing with the Black Death and signing the Treaty of Constantinople. That alone makes them worth trying.

Made with natural extract of rose petals, these candies have a delicate floral scent and fruity flavor that is infused with romance. It takes giving roses to a whole other level. These candies are made in a way that is similar to how pearls develop. A single, tiny anise seed is swirled in sugar syrup and slowly coated in layers of sugar until it’s the right size. This process takes 15 days for each candy. The rose flavor is distinct with a slight change to anise at the end when you find the anise seed. These aren’t candies for chewing, but for slowly letting them melt and then finding that tiny seed at the center.

Price: $7.61

Buy the Les Anis de Flavigny Rose Flavored Candies here.

11. M&M’S Valentine’s Day Candy Exchange Heart Gift Boxes

Red Valentine day heart box filled with M&Ms M&M’s

Great for classroom exchanges or other Valentine’s events, this pack of six red hearts are filled with fun-size packets of classic M&M’s. I like the text design because it looks like the sort of thing you’d write in a yearbook or scribble in your notebook when you have a crush. There’s space for you to write a to and from note so you can be sure every has received their tasty gift.

Price: $19.04

Buy the M&M’S Valentine’s Day Candy Exchange Heart Gift Boxes here.

12. Sugar Free Cherry Cordial Heart

Red Valentine day heart shaped heart with flower designs Amazon

Looking for a gift for your diabetic Valentine can be tricky when the traditional choices are things they likely can’t have. Surprise them with a classic Valentine’s heart shaped chocolate box filled with sugar free goodies. This box with intricate red and white flower illustrations on the front delivers half a pound of milk chocolate cherry cordials. Just be aware that the candy portion of this is sugar free, but any fruit like cherries will contain some natural sugar, which may or may not be an issue. (If it is an issue, check out this sugar free chocolate truffle box.) It’s a thoughtful, considerate gift that shows you’re thinking of them.

Price: $28.99

Buy the Sugar Free Cherry Cordial Heart here.

13. Cadbury Royal Dark Chocolate Hearts Candy With Salted Caramel

Dark chocolate caramels in pink valentines day candy foil Amazon

Everyone has different tastes in chocolate from the intensely dark to creamy and mild, but this is the best of both worlds. If you or your Valentine loves the smooth melt of British milk chocolate like Cadbury Creme Eggs or Cadbury Dairy Milk, check out these caramel hearts. They are dark chocolate but made in Cadbury’s style so they have more of a velvety texture than some dark chocolates. Each foil wrapped heart is filled with a rich salted caramel. The best part may be the value. For under $20 you’re getting three pounds of these hearts. Sure, they don’t come with gift bags but you can pick up a pack of affordable gift bags and save a bundle by putting them together yourself.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Cadbury Royal Dark Chocolate Hearts Candy With Salted Caramel here.

14. Dove Valentine’s Milk Chocolate Solid Hearts

Large heart shaped chocolates in pink valentine day gift boxes Dove

There’s not a whole lot that makes me happier than the phrase “solid milk chocolate.” Maybe it’s the little kid in me, but there’s this nostalgic joy from getting this big hunk of chocolate. These sold milk chocolate hearts are each a quarter pound of Dove chocolate and are ideal for classrooms, offices, or anyone who likes chocolate. You get a pack of six of these hearts, each individually packaged in their own Valentine’s Day box.

Price: $20.24

Buy the Dove Valentine’s Milk Chocolate Solid Hearts here.

15. Godiva Chocolatier Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats Gourmet Chocolates Gift Basket

Gold hat box with three Godiva valentine day pink chocolate boxes

If you’re looking for a higher end gift basket, Godiva has you covered. This Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats Gourmet Chocolates Gift Basket arrives in a sophisticated gold hat box filled with red crimped paper ribbons to keep everything safe during shipping. This gift basket includes Godiva’s Dark Chocolate Six Piece Cherry Cordial gift, their Six Piece Valentine’s Day Mini Heart Gift Box, and the Nine Piece Godiva Cups of Love Gift Box. If you were to buy these three separately, it would come to over $68, so you’re getting over $20 off when you buy this gift basket. This basket has lots of variety so everyone will find something they truly love. I’ve featured Godiva’s Belgium chocolates in my Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Best Friend.

Price: $44.08

Buy the Godiva Chocolatier Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats Gourmet Chocolates Gift Basket here.

16. Charbonnel et Walker Milk Marc de Champagne Truffles

Pink round chocolate box with pink truffles Amazon

I featured this set of truffles in my Best Valentine’s Day Chocolate Boxes as the “Most Romantic Chocolate Box.” These pink champagne truffles have a light strawberry coating in evoke that classic evening in with a bottle of champagne and strawberries. The center is a rich, decadent chocolate infused with marc de champagne which is a brandy made from champagne grape pomace, giving the truffles their unique and complex flavor. Charbonnel et Walker are one of the few chocolatiers to the Queen of England, so you can treat your Valentine’s like royalty.

Price: $49.99

Buy the Charbonnel et Walker Milk Marc de Champagne Truffles here.

17. Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Valentines day wicker gift basket filled with chocolate Amazon

Make an impact with this huge gift basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets. This is perfect for any chocolate lover on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year. It comes shrink-wrapped for freshness and topped with a big red bow. A basket like this would be great as a family gift or as a care package for a long distance love. It comes with a variety of treats ranging from the classic to the intriguingly unique including Ghirardelli dark chocolate, chocolate and peanut butter dipped peanuts, tiramisu water cookies, milk chocolate sea salt caramels, s’mores brittle, cookies and cream wafer bites, caramel chocolate chunk cookies, and white chocolate cranberry cookies.

Price: $99.99

Buy the Valentine’s Day Gift Basket here.

18. Amore di Mona Vegan Valentine’s Day Gift Heart

Valentine heart shaped box filled with dark chocolates Amazon

This gift heart of vegan chocolates is made specifically for the person in your life who either has allergies or is dedicated to being eco-friendly (or both). These intensely dark chocolates are 75 percent cocoa so be ready for complex, layered flavors. The chocolate is ethically sourced with non-GMO, fair-trade ingredients. They’re sweetened with raw, organic agave nectar and don’t contain preservatives or artificial coloring. It’s made in a facility that is free of peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, gluten, soy, milk, eggs, and corn–making this perfect for someone with these food allergies.

So they’re great for the planet and practically allergen-free, but are they tasty? Well, listen to these chocolates: dark chocolate with dried currants, cherry truffle, cranberry caramel, currant ganache, and mocha truffle. I’m so ready to jump on the vegan chocolate train.

Price: $34.95

Buy the Amore di Mona Vegan Valentine’s Day Gift Heart here.

19. Ferrero Rocher Heart

Gold Valentines heart shaped chocolate box of ferrero rocher Amazon

A taste everyone loves, this Ferrero Rocher Heart holds 10 Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Truffles. Not everyone loves the hearts of “gamble chocolate” (though I really do) and with this heart shaped box of chocolates you know exactly what you’re getting. Every piece is that perfectly textured, creamy hazelnut goodness you’re hoping for.

Price: $14.96

Buy the Ferrero Rocher Heart here.

20. Fun Dip Valentine Candy & Card Kit

Box of Fun Dip Valentines for candy exchange Amazon

For the sugar purist, there has always been Fun Dip. As a kid, Fun Dip was the candiest of candies. It’s an edible stick along with a packet of flavored powder candy. You lick the stick, dip it in the pouch to pick up the sweet powder which changes color. As an adult, I don’t think I could handle this amount of sweet because I’ve accidentally grown up, but for kids, this is gold. This box comes with 24 Fun Dip Valentine’s packets in the flavors Cherry and Razz Apple Blue with a space for to and from, so they’re designed for classroom friendship exchanges.

Price: $10.50

Buy the Fun Dip Valentine Candy & Card Kit here.

21. Hershey’s XOXO Milk Chocolate Candy Bar

Hershey chocolate bar with xoxo in a pink valentine box Amazon

This is a huge chocolate bar has all the beauty of a quarter pound of solid milk chocolate. Skipping the expected heart molds, Hershey’s kept the chocolate bar shape and added x’s and o’s so you can send off your hugs and kisses to loved ones. Regular Hershey bars are 1.55 ounces which makes this Valentine’s chocolate bar around 2.5 regular chocolate bars. It comes ready for gifting in this cute Valentine’s pink box.

Price: $4.25

Buy the Hershey’s XOXO Milk Chocolate Candy Bar here.

22. Special Edition Tootsie Roll Valentine’s Cherry Pops

Box of pink tootsie pop valentines candy Amazon

Another great idea for classroom Valentine’s Day friendship exchanges are these classic cherry Tootsie Pops with their chewy chocolate center. All the pops have fun messages on their Valentine’s pink wrappers. The box comes with 25 pops, but is also available as a two pack for a total of 50 lolly pops. They are nut-free and school-friendly.

Price: $10

Buy the Special Edition Tootsie Roll Valentine’s Cherry Pops here.

23. Valentine’s Day Care Package

Red Valentines day care package filled with candy and snacks Amazon

Friend or college-age child dealing with a break up? Here’s a Valentine’s care package to keep them well-stocked during the Valentine’s holiday. It’s packed with 50 items of comfort food and Valentine’s fun to keep your loved one smiling. Receiving a care package like this will show them just how much you’re thinking of them. It even includes items that they can keep forever, like a plush puppy, so they can think of this lovely gift whenever they see it. The package contains too much to list here but includes puppy and bear shaped chocolate bars, Sweethearts conversation hearts, Famous Amos cookies, Swiss Miss hot cocoa mix, a maze puzzle made of chocolate, Cheez-Its, Pringles, and several kinds of Hershey chocolate bars.

Price: $41.95

Buy the Valentine’s Day Care Package here.

24. Starburst Valentine’s Day Candy Filled Hearts

Box of small red valentine hearts filled with starburst candy Starburst

I’m a huge sucker for Starburst, even now as an adult. Starburst take a while to eat and I like that they last longer as a result unlike chocolates that I could just decimate in one sitting. This box comes with 12 plastic hearts filled with assorted flavors of Starburst candy. These are another great a peanut-free classroom exchange option that kids will love.

Price: $25.19

Buy the Starburst Original Valentine’s Day Candy Filled Hearts here.

25. Swedish Fish Valentine Hearts

Bag of Swedish Fish heart shaped valentines day candy Swedish Fish

If you’ve got a Valentine’s Day party in the works, fill it with Swedish Fish. Well, Swedish Hearts since they’ve taken the tasty, chewy candy fish and shaped them into holiday hearts as a limited edition run. This package comes with 12 bags of Swedish Valentine’s Hearts, each bag weight 10 ounces. Be aware: this is a lot of candy. If you don’t need 7.5 pounds of Swedish Fish, then this isn’t for you. But if you’re going to have sugar-hungry kids (and adults) on your hands, this can come to the rescue.

Price: $34.20

Buy the Swedish Fish Valentine Hearts here.

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