Top 15 Best Cute Valentines’s Day Gifts for Girlfriends


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Girls usually know what girls like. For guys it’s not always so easy. So, when you’re looking for Valentine’s Day ideas for her, we’ve found all kinds of cute girlfriend gifts that are playful, fun and will tickle her fancy. Whether she’s your BFF or your GFN (girlfriend for now), an adorable little gift is the perfect way to communicate your feelings.

Since Valentine’s Day is such an intimate holiday, we’ve opted to make our gift selections super personal, sorting them into adorable beauty, clothing and jewelry gifts. Try to suspend your preconceived notions. There really are adorable beauty products like luscious lip balm inside a fat little bear-shaped container, or ridiculously cute puffy bow makeup headbands. And as for cute clothes? She’ll love the clever Cutie Pi tee shirt, since she’s clearly uber-smart for picking you. And cute jewelry? Oh yeah. We’ve found the cutest kitty necklace, along with some sassy bangle bracelets that say something special. Check out these Top 15 Best Cute Valentines’s Day Gifts for Girlfriends. They kick the cuteness meter right into the red zone.

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Best Cute Beauty Gifts

1. Kleancolor Nail Polish Set

nail polish set, cute gifts for girlfriend, cute girlfriend gifts Kleancolor

Match her every mood with this cute girlfriend gift of 12 nail polishes, in sparkling metallic colors. This nail polish kit covers fingers and toes with smooth coverage that lasts, and since sandal season is on it’s way, there’s no time like the present to deliver this pedicure perfect package. When great nail polish can often cost $10 or more a bottle, these polishes at just a little more than a dollar apiece are a killer deal, at 42 percent off. Since they’re such a deal, why not add some sweet flowered emery boards, brightly colored toe spacers and a party pack of flip flops, and help her plan a pedi-party with her besties?

Price: $12.07 (42 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Kleancolor Nail Polish Set here.

2. Elixir Korean Beauty Face, Hand & Foot Mask Pack

korean face mask, cute gifts for girlfriend, cute girlfriend gifts The Elixir

One of the undeniable draws of Korean beauty products is their ever so adorable packaging. We get it. Cuteness counts. What’s even better is that these products offer some serious practical magic for your skin. This sheet mask troika is a great way to look silly and tackle dry, cracked and peeling skin from head to toe, with a set that features a Korean face mask, hand mask and foot mask. So when your girlfriend needs some seriously pampering skin care, encourage her to hole up and layer on all of them for a full on beauty treatment. Also, please don’t make fun of how hilarious she looks during the process of using your cute girlfriend gifts. These sheet mask sets come in seven different formulas, so think about her fave scents, and set her up with a spa treatment at home. If your Valentine specifically loves face treatments, the Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Sheet Mask Set gives her 16 different masks for different tasks, plus the packaging is super cute.

Price: $17.50 (53 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Elixir Korean Beauty Face, Hand & Foot Mask Pack here.

3. theBalm NUDE ‘tude Eyeshadow Palette

eyeshadow palette, valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend, cute girlfriend gifts theBalm Cosmetics

Sassy, saucy and just a little bit naughty, theBalm NUDE ‘tude eyeshadow palette is filled with a lineup of the popular chocolaty colors that are super hot right now. With a dozen awesome shades that can be used alone, contoured and layered, this eyeshadow lineup gives your girlfriend lots of “liditude” to express herself. From highlighters to brazen bold colors, these shadows can help her create the perfect natural look or smokey eye in minutes. Natch, the clever packaging will totally catch her eye and give her a giggle, as will theBalm NUDE Dude Eyeshadow Palette that features caricatures of nekkid guys inside. For a mini-gift, theBalm Autobalm Face Palette features sexy colors for eyes and cheeks, all in a super cheeky package. Any of these highly rated and wildly popular products from theBalm would make super cute girlfriend gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Price: $34.20 (5 percent off MSRP)

Buy the theBalm NUDE ‘tude Eyeshadow Palette here.

4. Oh K! Korean Cat & Bear Lip Balms

lip balm, cute gifts for girlfriend, cute girlfriend gifts Amazon

Your girlfriend is going to love it when she can whip out one of these adorable little animals out of her purse, and give her kisser a swipe of lip balm. These Korean cat and bear lip balms are a lot more than cute – although they are killer cute, aren’t they? Created to keep your girlfriend’s pouter perfectly luscious, each lip balm offers up a tasty smelling surprise, with cat in cotton candy scent and the bear in peach. There’s no disputing that these might rank right at the top, when it comes to cute girlfriend gifts. If she needs even more cute beauty products to tuck in her purse or makeup bag, we also think she’ll be mad about the TONYMOLY Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick, featuring our fave black and white icon, or the TONYMOLY Magic Food Banana Hand Milk. Yes indeed, it comes in a banana shaped bright yellow bottle.

Price: $14.99

Buy the Oh K! Korean Cat & Bear Lip Balms here.

5. Hairizone Makeup Headbands

makeup headbands, cute gifts for girlfriend, cute girlfriend gifts Hairizone

The picture alone is enough to make anyone want these adorable makeup headbands. Who needs them? Any girlfriend that faithfully washes her face before bed, and again in the morning. Any girlfriend who likes to keep her hair away from her toothpaste and a spinning, or vibrating, electric toothbrush. Any girlfriend who likes to keep her mascara out of her hair, and any girlfriend with a great sense of humor who is game to look laughably silly and cute, for whatever reason. These fluffy bow headbands make cute girlfriend gifts for your BFF or your GFN, because they’re soft and washable, and they won’t fade with use. Their sturdy elastic means they’ll fit most head sizes, so they’ll work for your grown up girl and little girls too, plus they’re perfect to use with peel off or sheet masks. We also think the Shinestore Cute Makeup Cat Ears Makeup Headbands are particularly cute with their clever feline design. And the DearyHome Microfiber Hair Towel wraps into a turban that keeps hair off her face, and helps dry it super fast.

Price: $13.95

Buy the Hairizone Makeup Headbands here.

Cutest Clothes & Accessories

6. Cutie Pi Symbol T-Shirt

funny tee shirts, cute gifts for girlfriend, cute girlfriend gifts Pi Day Math Vibes Tees

This year, let’s keep politics out of Valentine’s Day, and instead deliver a dose of genius humor to all of our girlfriends. The Cutie Pi tee shirt makes a statement that your sweetie or BFF is not only a doll, but also a brain. It’s respectful and sweet, plus it’s an actual tee shirt made for women, not like those boxy guy shirts that look awful on most all female figures. With a cute scoop neckline and slimmer cut, this 100 percent cotton tee is comfy and comes in five colors, any of which would make cute gifts for girlfriends. No need to be a math geek to appreciate this one. If you think she’ll dig funny tee shirts this year, another cute choice is the Valentine’s Day Heart Candy T-Shirt, reminiscent of those awful heart candies you ate as a kid. Get her this, and a box of those, just for good measure. And, while it’s just slightly snarky, we still think she’d get a laugh out of the I Speak Fluent Sarcasm tee-shirt.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Cutie Pi Symbol T-Shirt here.

7. Betsey Johnson Women’s Mini Satchel Crossbody Bag

crossbody bag, cute gifts for girlfriend, cute girlfriend gifts Betsey Johnson

Let’s just say it out loud together. This purse is adorbs, and so perfect for Valentine’s Day. First off, it’s a crossbody bag that can double as a cute little satchel. With a bow embroidered exterior, and cheetah print sides, the black and white pattern would look great with any outfit from business to casual. But two things make this purse one of our fave cute gifts for women. First, let’s talk about the cherry red handles that really take it over the top. Second, this purse comes with a furry glitter heart key chain, that’s big enough to not get lost inside her bag. And because it’s a mini-barrel bag, it’s got plenty of stow space for her wallet, keys, phone and more, all inside the secure zippered pocket. You can also get this bag in black and white stripes, embroidered with hearts, as well as tan and black with tiny hearts.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Betsey Johnson Women’s Mini Satchel Crossbody Bag here.

8. HAPEE Women’s Crew Neck Long Sleeve Sweater Dress

red sweater dress, cute gifts for girlfriend, cute girlfriend gifts HAPEE

This red sweater dress is like wrapping your girlfriend up in a cozy, warm hug, which is exactly what she wants this Valentine’s Day. Unique patterned rows give it lots of eye interest, while the drapey hem looks stylish and super chic. This cute girlfriend gift would look so sassy over leggings with some tall boots. Because it’s washable, you can bet it will quickly become one of her fave things to wear. While she could sport this as a mini, we think it’s more like a cute tunic length. If your sweetie likes a slimmer fit, the V28 Polo Neck Knit Long Sleeve Sweater Jumper is a real cutie too. If she’s more into sweaters for outer wear, we think she’ll totally love this Ella Moon Women’s Frieda Fringe Poncho Sweater, that looks killer over her favorite skinny jeans.

Price: $11.99 – $19.99

Buy the HAPEE Women’s Crew Neck Long Sleeve Sweater Dress here.

9. Love Lounge Wear Shorty Valentine’s Pajamas

cute pajamas, cute gifts for girlfriend, cute girlfriend gifts Love Lounge Wear

There’s nothing like slipping into some comfy, cute pajamas for a night of binge watching her favorite TV show, a romantic movie or just hanging out. These cute shorty jammies are just right for padding around the house, because they’re not too revealing and the long sleeves make them so cozy. Made from 100 percent comfy cotton, they’re covered in hearts. The drawstring waist shorts keep it easy, in case snacking gets out of control, and the three button top adds just a hint of sexy if she wants to. Add some extra cute girlfriend gifts with these PJs, like maybe some fuzzy pink slide slippers or a sweet flannel robe. The Sleepy Girl Shorty Sleep Set is pretty darned cute too.

Price: $14.99

Buy the Love Lounge Wear Shorty Valentine’s Pajamas here.

10. Ozone Women’s Daylily Apothecary Florals Knee High Sock

knee high socks, cute gifts for girlfriend, cute girlfriend gifts Ozone

These sweet socks are like wearing a happy secret under her slacks, so while none of her friends or co-workers can see them, your girlfriend is sporting a bright bouquet of flowers from you. When you give her these sizzling hot pink daylily socks, you can be sure her Valentine flowers from you won’t wilt for a long time to come. These cotton, nylon and spandex socks from Ozone easily keep their shape, so your sweetie won’t be hiking them up all day. Get these cute girlfriend gifts in lots of other flower patterns too. If she loves sunny yellow chamomile flowers, buy her a leg bouquet of those. Do brilliant hibiscus remind her of a sunny getaway? Get those here And, just to mix it up, the Sky Diving Insects Knee High Socks give her a mixture of lively bugs and flowers.

Price: $14

Buy the Ozone Women’s Daylily Apothecary Florals Knee High Sock here.

Cute Jewelry Gifts

11. Sterling Silver Cute Bee Bracelet

sterling silver bracelet, cute gifts for girlfriend, cute girlfriend gifts BAMOER

Since she’s your honey, this sterling silver bracelet is the perfect way to say “bee mine.” This cute bee bracelet is an awesome way to show your Valentine girl that you’re sweet on her. The bee body is set with a large faceted golden cubic zirconia and its head is studded with more sparkly stones. This bracelet also features sterling charms set with stones, and it features an adjustable clasp to fit almost any wrist size. Consider adding to her cute girlfriend gifts with the matching cute bee sterling silver dangle earrings, pendant, (you’ll need to order a silver chain to go with it,) or the sparkling silver Queen Bee Ring.

Price: $16.99

Buy the Sterling Silver Cute Bee Bracelet here.

12. Johan Eric Women’s Quartz Stainless Steel & Leather Casual Watch

women's watch, cute gifts for girlfriend, cute girlfriend gifts Johan Eric

Remember the first time your girlfriend gave you the time of day? This pretty casual watch can be a reminder for her too, whenever she wears it. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, with its brilliant red leather band, this mini-watch delivers maximum appeal with a minimalist dial, that’s studded with three genuine diamonds at 12 o’clock. While it’s splash resistant to 99 feet, this is strictly a fashion watch that’s not suitable for swimming or diving, but it’s perfect for work, or your Valentine’s Day date. If you happen to have a girlfriend who’s a total sporty spice, the hot pink Women’s Timex Ironman Digital Quartz Watch will stand up to long runs, lap swims and all of her athletic pursuits, except deep sea diving.

Price: $65.82

Buy the Johan Eric Women’s Quartz Stainless Steel & Leather Casual Watch here.

13. S.Leaf Sterling Silver Cat Necklace

cat necklace, cute gifts for girlfriend, cute girlfriend gifts S.Leaf

Combine one creamy freshwater cultured pearl with the cutest little kitten ears, and you’ve got the makings for one of our favorite cute girlfriend gifts for Valentine’s Day. This silly and sweet cat necklace is delicate and pretty, but it reflects your lady’s sense of humor, and perhaps her affinity for felines. Set in rose gold toned sterling silver, this kitty will snuggle in at the nape of her neck, and she’ll purr with gratitude for such an adorable gift. You can get her the matching Cat Stud Earrings for just a little over $15, so the set comes in at less than forty bucks. We think she’ll also love the S.Leaf Cat Ear Ring Pearl Cat Ring, with adorable kitty paw prints inside the adjustable sterling silver band. Snag them right meow, before they’re gone.

Price: $23.99

Buy the S.Leaf Sterling Silver Cat Necklace here.

14. 10k Yellow Gold, Diamond & Emerald Cut Blue Topaz Dainty Promise

promise ring, valentine's day gifts for girlfriend, cute girlfriend gifts Amazon

Valentine’s Day is a biggie, when it comes to popping the question. But if you’re not ready to step into engagement, you can still drop the hint that you’re up for something more meaningful than casual dating. This sweet blue topaz and diamond promise ring is a tiny token of commitment, and despite its size, makes a big statement to your sweetie. It’s seriously cute, and she’ll love wearing it stacked with her other rings, or wearing it alone. Because it’s not the usual suspect, it keeps your commitment on the down low, just in case you both prefer to keep things quiet. This dainty ring also features one of the year’s hottest trends, with the gemstone set on its side, rather than the traditional approach. If she’s nuts about a different gemstone, check out the Marquise Sapphire Rope Design Promise Ring, the Emerald Cut Aquamarine Promise Ring, or the Emerald Cut Pink Tourmaline Promise Ring. These cute girlfriend gifts will be cherished every bit as much as you are.

Price: $119.99

Buy the 10k Yellow Gold, Diamond & Emerald Cut Blue Topaz Dainty Promise here.

15. “You’re My Person” Engraved Brass Bangle Bracelet

bangle bracelet, cute gifts for girlfriend, cute girlfriend gifts Glamour Girl Gifts Collection

Do you struggle with finding the right words to express yourself? If you do, why not get a cute girlfriend gift that does all the talking for you? A sweet, somewhat sentimental, but not too gushy Valentine’s Day gift, this brass bangle bracelet says it all. It’s engraved with a phrase that’s perfect for almost every woman in your life, from your BFF, to the girl you’re dating, or even your mom or daughter. Because of its petite profile, it’s a great stacking bracelet. Why not pair it up with the Braver Than You Believe bangle bracelet? For a fun, super fashionable look, mix up the metals with the Always In My Heart bangle bracelet and the Thankful Grateful Blessed bangle bracelet.

Price: $17.99

Buy the “You’re My Person” Engraved Brass Bangle Bracelet here.

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