Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Grandma 2018


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Whether she’s your nanna, oma or grandma, there are three Valentine’s Day gifts we’re sure she wants most of all – time with you, a rush-free phone conversation and a thoughtfully handwritten card or letter. Just in case time or distance prevent those possibilities, there are tons of thoughtful gift ideas for grandma that give you the chance to return some of that unconditional love she’s always given you.

As the matriarch of your family, your grandma’s shared her wicked skills and practical magic throughout your life, and this list of clever and thoughtful gift ideas will show her you’ve picked up a few of her tricks. From fun ways to share family memories, to making her meals simpler and days brighter, these grandma gifts are the perfect ways to show her exactly how you feel. Check out our picks for the Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Grandma, because, if you’re lucky enough to still have her in your life, it’s always a good time to remind her that she’s cherished.

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1. Sterling Silver Generations Necklace for Grandma

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The beauty of being a grandma is the linking of generations, and this lovely sterling silver necklace makes that connection. With three interlocking infinity circles, it connects grandma to her daughter, and you, in a unique and elegant design. It comes perfectly packaged for gift giving this Valentine’s Day, with a lovely card inside the box that beautifully expresses your feelings for her. If you’re a grandson looking for a similar jewelry piece, the gender neutral Generations Necklace is the perfect choice. The Three Generations Heart Necklace is another pretty option that’s a sweet choice, whether you’re a grandson or granddaughter. Because dexterity can wane as we age, make this one of the best gifts for grandma by adding a Magnetic Clasp Converter, so her beautiful necklace is easy for her to put on and take off.

Price: $44.95

Buy the Sterling Silver Generations Necklace for Grandma here.

2. My Favorite People Call Me Grandma Box Sign

primitives by kathy box sign, grandma gifts, best gifts for grandma Primitives by Kathy

Grandmas love cute kitchen and home décor that celebrates their role as the matriarch of the family. This rustic wood box sign is designed to stand freely on a table top or bookshelf, or it can hang on a wall. It let’s you proudly proclaim your role as grandma’s favorite person, and why not? It’s surely the truth. We also think she’ll get a chuckle over the “Grandma Never Says No” painted canvas. And she’ll be especially proud to post the Grandma’s Kitchen “Tasters Welcome” Wood Sign. With its clever curled wire hanger and rustic look, we think it’s an awesome grandma gift. And never fear, there’s a Nana’s Kitchen sign too.

Price: $20.35

Buy the My Favorite People Call Me Grandma Box Sign here.

3. I’m A Grandma, What’s Your Super Power? Coffee Mug

grandma mug, grandma gifts, best gifts for grandma Burton & Burton

There’s no question about it. Ask anyone who’s been lucky enough to have a grandma in their life, and they’ll tell you she’s got some kind of magic juju, unique to her alone. Whether it’s grandma’s spectacular hugs, her unique ability to listen, or just her way of helping you see life through a different lens, she has some pretty special super powers. This cute grandma mug is an homage to the amazing woman she is, and always has been for you. We hope you’ll tuck a special note inside to tell her what super powers you think she has. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to get her some yummy coffee or a special tea assortment to go with, because with it’s comfy bigger handle and 12 ounce capacity, we think this mug will become her daily companion. If you’ve got a sassy grammy, one of our fave grandma gifts for her is the Best Effin’ Grandma Ever coffee mug. Hey, even I’d use one of those.

Price: $11.99

Buy the I’m A Grandma, What’s Your Super Power? Coffee Mug here.

4. NIX Advance Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor

digital photo frame, grandma gifts, best gifts for grandma NIX

Families don’t always live in the same town as their parents and grandparents, which means sometimes, grandma misses out on seeing her grandkids grow up. You can give her an infusion of love (and kid pictures) with the NIX digital photo frame, that comes in screen sizes from eight inches to 15 inches. This nifty photo frame can display photos as well as videos, all in the same slide show. It’s equipped with a smart sensor that turns on when she enters the room, and back off when she leaves. Genius. Now all you have to do is send her an SD card, or USB loaded with photos of all your family forays. She can enjoy the fun from the comfort of home, and we know she’s going to think this photo frame is one of her best grandma gifts ever. She can set the times she wants her photos to display, or she can simply turn it on and off with the included remote control.

Price: $79.99 – $159.99

Buy the NIX Advance Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor here.

5. Step2 Garden Hopper

gardening stool, grandma gifts, best gifts for grandma Step2

If you’ve got a grandma who still loves to putter in her garden, this nifty rolling gardening stool is going to become her indispensable ally. Digging weeds, and pruning plants can put lots of pressure on her knees, but this clever stool alleviates that issue. The fat seven inch wheels make it easy to scoot on the grass, to get around the yard to all her plants. With an easy carry handle that’s built right into the seat, this little stool offer stow space for all her tools, garden gloves and more. It even has a built in beverage holder for grandma’s martini – er, we mean water, so she’ll stay hydrated while she works. Some updated garden tools would also be great gifts for grandma, and this nine piece tool set from Vremi is a stand out. If your grandma raises lots of leafy veggies and has tons of flowers to dead head, the Fiskars Softouch Micro-Tip Pruning Snip is a must have tool to tackle tons of fine pruning jobs that would get botched with standard size pruners.

Price: $34.99 (10 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Step2 Garden Hopper here.

6. Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow

cold pillow, grandma gifts, gift ideas for grandma Chiroflow

If you don’t think your grandma can get hot under the collar, you probably should speak to your mom or dad about it. But the truth is, many older women have internal heaters that don’t work as efficiently as they once did. That means lots of them get cold during the day, and often get hot at night. That nightly heat up can be a huge impediment to a good night’s sleep, keeping your grandma from feeling well rested in the short term, and impacting her overall health in the long term. This cold pillow is like a waterbed for grandma’s head, carefully cradling her cranium for a comfy night’s sleep. It can reduce neck and back pain, and with an internal bladder that she can fill to her own custom comfort level, and it stays cool. In the realm of awesome grandma gifts, wouldn’t you want her to sleep like a baby? We bet you would.

Price: $58.95

Buy the Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow here.

7. La Chatelaine 20 Percent Shea Butter Hand Cream Tin Gift Box

hand cream, grandma gifts, gifts for grandma La Chatelaine

It takes more than winter weather to make hands cracked and dry. That dry skin issue is an even bigger problem for your grandma, because as skin ages, it’s less likely to have all the natural oils needed to keep it smooth and supple. Since you love to hold your grandma’s hand, why not make sure that hand is as soft and sweet as your memories of her? This lovely Valentine’s Day gift for grandma features three luxurious French hand creams that are all natural, with no nasty chemicals or additives. They come in three sumptuous scents, rose blossom, wild fig and winter flower. Plus they come in a beautiful, reusable tin, that we know your granny will put to good use. They also have a second set in a gift tin that features coconut milk, shea and cranberry lychee scents. Sounds like desert. These grandma gifts are ultra-moisturizing, in addition to smelling heavenly, and their smaller size tubes are purse and pocket friendly, which makes them easy to keep close at hand.

Price: $23.98

Buy the La Chatelaine 20 Percent Shea Butter Hand Cream Tin Gift Box here.

8. Nicole Miller Rainbow 20 Inch Hard-Sided Spinner Suitcase

spinner luggage, grandma gifts, gifts for grandma Nicole Miller

When was the last time you checked out your grandma’s luggage collection? If you’re hoping she’ll come for a visit anytime soon, you might want to make sure she’s got some decent spinner luggage to bring along. These bags have wheels that spin 360 degrees, so whether she’s pushing, or pulling, they’re super simple to maneuver through busy airports. No back strain or twisted wrists with these babies. This cute spinner luggage from Nicole Miller features fun graphics, making it a lot simpler to find her suitcase at baggage claim, and its hard side exterior means all the contents stay safely tucked inside. Great Valentine’s Day grandma gifts start with an invitation to come see you, so make sure that’s included with this sweet carry on. It comes in five different colors and patterns, so pick grandma’s favorite and pitch in with your sibs to buy her a plane ticket, while you’re at it.

Price: $89.95

Buy the Nicole Miller Rainbow 20 Inch Hard-Sided Spinner Suitcase here.

9. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

egg cooker, grandma gifts, best gifts for grandma Dash

One thing we consistently hear from older women, especially those who live on their own, is they’d like to make meal prep easier. This cute little egg cooker is a simple step to get breakfast, lunch or any other egg based meal on the table fast, fast, fast. This nifty kitchen gadget can make hard, medium, and soft boiled eggs, individual omelettes, poached eggs and scrambled eggs, offering tons of flexibility. Another plus – all the non-electric parts are dishwasher safe, which makes clean up a breeze. It comes in four different colors, and has a recipe book included. Another kitchen gadget your granny might love is the Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender. Again, it’s just her size, plus she can use the blender cup, and it’s snap on go lid, to pack her protein shake along on the golf cart. Super cool. Since some of the best gifts for grandma help her make healthy meals fast, an induction cooktop is another great idea that keeps her fingers away from hot burners, yet cooks her food to perfection.

Price: $18.99 (37 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker here.

10. Live, Laugh, Love Expression Succulent Plant Containers

succulent pots, grandma gifts, gift ideas for grandma MyGift

A little greenery, combined with sweet sentiments, could be just the bright boost your grandma needs this Valentine’s Day. These miniature white ceramic succulent pots deliver their happy messages, inspiring both your grammy and everyone who visits her. They’re perfect for planting live succulents, which are drought resistant and need little water to thrive. They’ll make the perfect centerpiece for her table, or add a pretty touch to her kitchen window. If you want an even simpler solution for your grandma, these plant containers would also be perfect for air plants, which only need a tiny splash of water once a week to stay healthy, plus they thrive in minimal light. If plant care is altogether too much work for her, these Artificial Succulent Plants in Mini Modern White Ceramic Planter Pots are perfect gifts for grandma, and look unbelievably realistic.

Price: $15.99

Buy the Live, Laugh, Love Expression Succulent Plant Containers here.

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