Top 10 Best Nail Art Supplies for Easter Nails 2018


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For those of us who love nail polish, every holiday is double the fun: we get all the awesome activities of the holiday itself and an opportunity to do something new and exciting with our nails. Sometimes that’s turning our nails into candy canes or playing with the Best Halloween Nail Art Supplies, but right now it’s all about Easter.

There’s still snow on the ground up here in the mountains, but the air is filled with the sounds of birds chirping and the constant drip of melting snow. Spring is coming. As we get ready to gather with friends and family to celebrate Easter with brightly colored eggs, chocolate bunnies, and spring flowers–spruce up your Easter attire with unique nail art designs.

Isn’t it hard? Nail art methods come in many difficulty levels and some will take more practice than others. But don’t worry–beginners are welcome. If you can paint your nails, you can have fancy looking Easter nails.

I’m ready for the advanced stuff. Awesome, then grab your nail brushes and get to! Check out this compilation of 50 original Easter nails designs for inspiration.

Do you have to be an artist to do nail art? Nope. There are all different types of nail art with some as simple as peeling a decal off a sheet and sticking it on your fingernail. If you don’t want to draw flowers on your nails freehand, you don’t have to. I don’t have particularly great drawing skills but can still use all the items on this list with ease.

Will I need special tools? Depends on the look you’re going for. I’ve included many options that create a festive Easter look without having to buy anything extra. There are also some products on the list that are a little more advanced and may require some other nail art supplies. You can find the basics here on my Best Nail Art Supplies post.

How hard is it really? Okay, let me break down these products into some difficulty levels:

Beginner: As simple as you can get. You can give these to your kids to play around with.
Easy: These may have a couple extra steps but nothing too involved or time-consuming.
Advanced: If you’re new to them, it’s going to take a little practice but the results are worth it.
Expert: This involves drawing freehand with brushes. There won’t be any of these on the list.

Let’s all welcome spring together with these fun nail art ideas.

1. Variety Pack of Easter Nail Vinyl Stencils by Whats Up Nails

Nails with pastel Easter nail art, Whats Up Nails, nail vinyl stencils

Whats Up Nails

Nail stencils are the easiest way to create images with nail polish. All you need to do is apply the stencil to your dried nail polish base color, paint over the stencil with your second color, and then use tweezers to carefully peel off the stencil before the nail polish is dry. That’s all there is to it. Throw on a top coat and you’re good to go. You can also use what’s left over on the stencil sheet as a nail sticker–watch the tutorial video below to see what I mean. When it comes to nail stencils, Whats Up Nails makes the best. I’ve bought some cheap stencils in my day and they tear and become difficult to work with. Whats Up Nails stencils are much higher quality and worth the extra couple of dollars.

This Easter pack from Whats Up Nails comes with four sheets of vinyls, each with a different Easter design including flowers, decorated Easter eggs, fluffy bunnies, and rows of Easter bunnies and eggs. Each design is also available separately. The Variety Pack comes with enough stencils for over six full manicures, but that number doubles if you use the stickers left behind, and you’ll get many more uses if you’re not stenciling every nail.

Difficulty level: Easy.

Price: $16.99

Buy the Variety Pack of Easter Nail Vinyl Stencils by Whats Up Nails here.

2. Salt Water Sassy Nail Polish by KBShimmer

Pastel blue nail polish bottle and on nails, KBShimmer nail polish, Salt Water Sassy


If you’re intimidated by nail art but still want stunning Easter nails, this polish by KBShimmer is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a beautiful pastel blue with yellow, coral, white, teal, and lavender hex glitters. You can basically turn your nails into decorated Easter eggs by simply painting your nails with this speckled lacquer. It’s a crelly formula, meaning that it’s halfway between a jelly (translucent) and a cream (opaque). Like all of KBShimmer’s jellies and crellies, Salt Water Sassy is nearly opaque in two coats, but looks best with three. I like that you don’t have to go fishing for the glitter like you do with some glitter polishes. Salt Water Sassy is a quick and easy way to create spring or Easter nails that look a lot harder than they actually are.

Difficulty level: Beginner.

Price: $9.25

Buy the Salt Water Sassy Nail Polish by KBShimmer here.

3. Spring Elation Stamping Plate

Nail stamping plate with example Easter nails, Whats Up Nails, Spring Elation stamping plate

Whats Up Nails

The Spring Elation stamping plate from Whats Up Nails has 12 different images that are perfect for March, April, and May. For Easter the plate has three Easter egg designs and one chevron image that looks like a painted Easter egg. I particularly like the stamp with the “plain” looking eggs because it’s a negative space stamp. This stamp will cover everything but the egg shapes on your nails so you can paint your nails in a gradient or with your favorite speckled polish and then stamp over with an opaque polish to get Easter eggs decorated by you. There are lovely spring flower stamps with butterflies and birds as well as two stamps for Saint Patrick’s Day. Whats Up Nails stamping plates deliver nice crisp images.

When you want your nails to look impressive, nail stamping is my favorite way to go. This is a method that gives you incredible freedom for creativity and allows for sharp, intricate designs. It does take a little practice to get the technique down right. This plate does not come with a stamper tool which you’ll need. I use a silicone Born Pretty Stamper. I’m including a video that shows a Whats Up Nails brand stamping plate and covers a few of the beginner mistakes you can avoid for perfect nails.

Difficulty level: Advanced.

Price: $10

Buy the Spring Elation Stamping Plate here.

4. 50 Sheet Pack of 3D Adhesive Nail Stickers

Stack of nail sticker sheets with nails, 3d nail decals, nail stickers


Don’t have the time for something intricate? Go with nail stickers. They’re stickers designed to go on your nails. It’s that simple. Peel them off and apply to clean nails (wiped with rubbing alcohol or acetone to remove natural oils) or dried nail polish. The easiest way to work with tiny stickers like these is with a pair of tweezers. Cover the sticker with a clear top coat and that’s it. This set comes with 50 small sheets of nail stickers in a variety of springy feminine designs. Some have a slight 3D effect to them or glitter, drawing more attention to your nails. You can cover your nails in lacy or colorful flowers and butterflies for Easter.

Difficulty level: Beginner.

Price: $8.39

Buy the 50 Sheet Pack of 3D Adhesive Nail Stickers here.

5. Color Club Poptastic Pastel Neon Collection

7 pastel nail polish bottles, Color Club Nail Polish, Poptastic Pastel Neon collection


Easter is all about pastels, those soft colors of the first flowers of spring. The Poptastic Pastel Neon Collection gives you all the colors you’ll need for a perfect Easter manicure. These seven pastel colors have disco themed names like Meet Me at the Rink and Feathered Hair Out to There. With a thin almost crelly formula, it’s easy to apply but streaky on the first coat. You’ll need two coats for good opacity and some may prefer three coats depending on how thinly you apply it. This collection makes for ideal base colors for your nail art but is too thin to be stamped with. They’re full-sized polishes and not samples too. Color Club polishes tend to go for $5 each minimum, so you’re saving money by picking up these as a set.

Difficulty level: Beginner.

Price: $33.22

Buy the Color Club Poptastic Pastel Neon Collection here.

6. Easter Nail Transfer Decals

6 sheets of Easter nail deals, water slide decals, spring nails


Another way to get detailed, full-color images on your nails is through water-slide decals. This set of six Easter themed decal packs has a wide range of images from rabbits to “Happy Easter!” text to hatching chicks to decorated Easter eggs with crosses. Unlike the self-adhesive nail stickers, these require water to be applied to your nails, making them a little trickier. To apply you use scissors to cut out the decal you want and drop it into a glass of water for 20 to 30 seconds then remove it. After its short soak, the decal will easily slide off the backing paper and you can use tweezers to place it on your nail.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Price: $8.99

Buy the Easter Nail Transfer Decals here.

7. 3D Nail Art Real Dried Flowers

Two bins of colorful dried flowers, Xichen, 3d nail art flowers


You can really turn heads at gatherings this spring with real dried flowers on your nails. This set from Xichen gives you two different types of flowers in 12 different colors. The top flowers are a classic five petal buttercup-style flower and the second type are clusters of tiny flowers that work best when you snip off little sections. These work best on gel nails, but you can wear them on natural nails as well with a good nail glue applied to the back of the flower. This will result in a raised, 3D look on your nails even with a thick coat of top coat to keep everything in place. Flower nails are springy, fresh, and magical looking.

Difficulty level: Advanced.

Price: $14.99

Buy the 3D Nail Art Real Dried Flowers here.

8. Chocolate Easter Bunny Nail Decals

Easter manicure with chocolate bunny decals, easter nails


At Easter you’ve got chocolate and bunnies and, my favorite, chocolate bunnies–which is why I love these chocolate bunny nail decals. You can just see the real thing in your mind looking at these with that bright white eye and the dyed white chocolate bow around its neck. These are water-slide decals so if you’re not familiar with how to work with them, make sure you look up a tutorial. They’re made in America and are just too adorable.

Difficulty level: Easy

Price: $3.99

Buy the Chocolate Easter Bunny Nail Decals here.

9. Spring Flowers 5 Stamping Plate Set by Born Pretty

5 easter nail art stamping plates, Born Pretty, nail stamping flowers

Born Pretty

For more nail stamping I have this five plate set from Born Pretty with lots of great images of flowers, lace, and designs that could be used to create an Easter egg effect. I have several Born Pretty plates that I love (bought with my own money) and I’ve always found their etchings to produce sharp, clear images. I particularly like their Tulip Plate for its intricate spring flower patterns. It’s featured in the video below and included in this set. The Tulip Plate is $3.99 to buy individually so with this five peice set you’re getting stamping plates for almost half off.

Difficulty level: Advanced.

Price: $10.99

Buy the Spring Flowers 5 Stamping Plate Set by Born Pretty here.

10. Easter Nail Art Adhesive Glitter Decals

hand with glitter spring nail decals, spring nail stickers, glitter nail stickers


Lastly, these glittery Easter nail decals are self-adhesive stickers. They’re very straight forward and all you need to do is peel them off the backing and stick them on your nails. That’s it. A good top coat will help to keep them in place while you show them off. You get five packs of nail stickers, all with an Easter or spring theme with Easter eggs, bunnies, birds, and flowers. Each stamp is accented with glitter for an eye-catching look.

Difficulty level: Beginner

Price: $6.99

Buy the Easter Nail Art Adhesive Glitter Decals here.

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