Top 10 Best Funny Valentine’s Day Cards 2018


Funny Valentines Day Cards

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for sappy cards, giant heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, and romantic dinners. These funny cards hit the perfect note for everyone in your life. Whether you’re in search of that one perfect card for your sweetheart that perfectly captures your joint sense of humor, looking for a way to make your best girlfriend laugh, or need to make everyone in your crew feel special, you’re sure to find just the right funny Valentine here.

Here are the top 10 best funny Valentine’s Day cards for every person on your list. And if none of these cards tickle your fancy, check out the full collection of Amazon’s humorous Valentine’s Day cards.

1. For the Foodies: Set of 10 “Romantic Yummy Puns” Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Pack

Food Pun Valentine's Day Cards Amazon

Cute illustrations pair perfectly with these food puns. Whether you want to let them know they’re “one in a melon” or you think they’re a real “cute-tea,” you’ll find the right message for everyone in your pack. Each 4″ x 5 1/4″ card comes with an envelope. Check out the companion set of animal pun Valentine’s Day cards while you’re at it!

Price: $10.99 for 10 (17 percent off MSRP)

Buy the “Romantic Yummy Puns” Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards here.

Buy the Animal Puns Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards here.

2. For the Donut Lover: Donuts Valentine’s Day Card

Donut Valentine's Day Card Amazon

Even glazed lovers will appreciate this adorable donut card. The 5″x7″ card showcases a pink-sprinkled donut in a crowd of plain and proclaims “You are the sprinkled donut in a sea of glazed” inside. This sweet note comes with a pink envelope. Show them you appreciate all the sprinkles that make them special.

Price: $3.62

Buy the Donuts Valentine’s Day here.

3. For the Whole Squad: Hallmark Studio Ink Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Assortment

Squad Valentine's Day Cards Amazon

Don’t leave anyone out with this 10-pack of trendy gold and pastel graphical cards. There’s a card in here for everyone — the breakfast lover, the fitness freak, the indie-music gal, and the one who truly identifies the sloth as their spirit animal. Each 4″x5.5″ card comes with gold foil details and a coordinating envelope. Stock up and send out a sweet surprise to everyone in your squad.

Price: $20.20 for pack of 10

Buy the Hallmark Studio Ink Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Assortment here.

4. For the Slightly Risqué: Jumbo “Never Find Your Body” Valentine’s Day Card

Body Valentine's Day Card Amazon

Here’s one way to get their attention: send them a ransom-like note proclaiming how hot you find their bod. This card features a cut-out letter design stating “They’ll Never Find Your Body” on the front in bold colors. Inside the punchline delivers “As Hot as I Do! Be My Valentine or Else!” This jumbo 8.5″x11″ card will be sure to get a response.

Price: $9.62

Buy the “Never Find Your Body” Valentine’s Day Card here.

5. For the Star Wars Fan: “You are the Droid” Valentine’s Day Card

Droid Valentine's Day Card Amazon

This beautifully crafted letterpress card delivers a classic Star Wars line, tongue-in-cheek style. Let them know they are the droid you’re looking for with this sweet 3.5″x5″ hand-illustrated card. This is one they’ll keep for a lifetime.

Price: $4.50

Buy the “You are the Droid” Valentine’s Day Card here.

6. For the Simpsons Fan: “I Choo Choo Choose You” Valentine’s Day Card

I Choo Choo Choose You Valentine's Day Card Amazon

There was no sweeter moment than when Ralphie swooned over Lisa’s class card and launched an epic effort to woo her in return. Turn your Valentine into a puddle of love with this “Choo-Choo-Choose You” card inspired by the classic Simpsons episode. Just hope you don’t get a “Let’s Bee Friends” in return.

Price: $2.74

Buy the “I Choo Choo Choose You” Valentine’s Day Card here.

7. For the Whole Class: Valentine Cards Puns 48 pack

Valentine's Day Greeting Cards Amazon

Make sure no one is left off the list with this 48-pack of adorably illustrated 4″x6″ cards. Designs feature an otter, a turtle, a seal, a porcupine, an octopus, and a stag, perfect for every animal lover. Cards come with red envelopes and are blank inside, ready for your personal message.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Valentine Cards Puns 48 pack here.

8. For the Bacon Lover: “Bacon my Heart” Valentine’s Day Card

Bacon Valentine's Day card Amazon

This punny card features a heart of bacon and states “Don’t go Bacon my Heart” on the cover with the follow-up “I Couldn’t if I Fried” inside. Whether you need a card for your bae one for your bestie, this is the perfect pick for any bacon lover (and frankly, who isn’t?). Go big with the 8.5″x11″ size and this card can double as a gift.

Price: $7.41

Buy the “Bacon my Heart” Valentine’s Day Card here.

9. For the Twist Ending Lover: American Greetings “Follow Your Heart” Valentine’s Day Card

Follow Your Heart Valentines Day Card Amazon

Get a giggle with this Valentine’s Card that starts with the inspiring message to “Follow Your Heart” and follows it up with one wise exception. Decorated with gold foil and black glitter, the inside features sweet heart illustrations and a simple message. This is the perfect card for the bf who loves a slow laugh or a surprise ending.

Price: $4.25

Buy the “Follow Your Heart” Valentine’s Day Card here.

10. For the Punster: Giraffe Joke Valentine’s Day Card

Giraffe Valentine's Day Card Amazon

This 5″x7″ card features a classic Victorian-style giraffe and doily heart illustration on the cover but turns punny once opened. The full message reads “Do I Wish You a Happy Valentine’s Day” outside and “You Bet Giraffe I Do” inside. For those who love a little tongue-in-cheek, you can’t go wrong with this sweet, decorative card.

Price: $4.74

Buy the Giraffe Joke Valentine’s Day Card here.

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