Top 10 Best Cute Easter Baskets 2018


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It’s that time of year again. The Easter Bunny is ready to make an appearance, the eggs are dyed, and the kids all have adorable outfits. Everything’s prepared….except cute Easter baskets.

Sure, you could spend tons of time filling them on your own, but there are easier solutions out there: Pre-filled baskets. These babies allow you to purchase, ship, and surprise littles ones with little-to-no effort. Fast, easy, and bring delight to children’s faces.

But, if you enjoy customizing each basket, then consider purchasing an unfilled cute Easter basket. There are plenty of options to choose from, ranging from “traditional” pink and blue baskets, to more off-the-wall options.

Regardless of whether you’re a DIYer, or prefer quick and easy, use this list of the best cute Easter baskets

Filled Cute Easter Baskets

Without a doubt, purchasing a pre-filled Easter basket is one of the fastest ways to fulfill your Easter basket duties. Since cute Easter baskets aren’t solely for babies and toddlers, there are plenty of options for older kids, too.

1. Cute Easter Basket for Food Lovers

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Quiz time. Name one thing that almost everyone loves. Ok, time’s up. What’d you say? Food. There’s just something magical about receiving a massive gift basket full of delicious snacks. (If you’re shopping for baskets for someone who has food allergies, it may be best to skip this one). Little kid, big kid, teen, adult. It doesn’t matter.

The CraveBox is the epitome of awesomeness, when it comes to Easter baskets. This bad boy is filled with healthy snacks–but not the “ewwww I don’t want these” kind. It includes everything from veggie sticks to fruit snacks, granola bars, and more, for a total of 30 snacks. Send it to your college student’s residence hall, if she’s unable to make it home for the year, or ship it to your place, as a part of the yearly Easter basket hunt. Without a doubt, food Easter baskets are the way to go.

Price: $31.95

Buy the CraveBox here.


  • Filled with an impressive 30 snacks
  • Snacks are heatlhy (fruit snacks, popcorn, etc) – but still delicious
  • Money-back guarantee, if you’re unsatisfied


  • Not ideal for someone with food allergies

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2. Cute Easter Basket for Candy Lovers

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Now, I know we just covered cute Easter baskets focused on food, in the capsule above. But for the most part, the items in that basket are pretty “healthy”, as far as snacks go. After all, Easter usually means tons of sugar, in the form of chocolate, gummies, and jelly beans.

So if you’re looking for a sugar-filled, cute Easter basket, then the Deluxe Easter Basket is right up your alley. This baby includes a plush bunny rabbit, chocolate, toys, and other candy. Plus, it’s made with Easter grass, and is shrink-wrapped before heading to your house. And, if you end up hating the basket, it can be sent back, thanks to a 100% money-back guarantee. Can’t forget the candy in an Easter basket.

Price: $29.95

Buy the Deluxe Easter Basket here.


  • Packaged with Easter grass, and shrink wrapped, for a professional look
  • Comes with candy, toys, and stuffies
  • Has a money-back guarantee
  • Perfect for both boys and girls of all ages


  • Not ideal for children with food allergies or diabetes

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3. Cute Easter Basket for Future Train Engineers

train Easter basket, train themed Easter basket, cute Easter basket, kids Easter basket


Many cute Easter baskets are just that….cute. They’re often filled with many of the same items–how many different ways can you add in plastic eggs and chocolate bunnies? Apparently, a lot. However, there are plenty of awesome, pre-filled baskets to choose from, that don’t focus solely on the cliches.

The Train Gift Basket is one of them. Trains, of course, are not just geared towards little boys–plenty of little girls enjoy them, too. There are a few times during the year where sugar is rampant, and this cute Easter basket is chock-full of delicious candy. And there are toys-a-plenty, as well. It arrives in a crystal clear cellophane wrap, so all you need to do is hand it to the Easter Bunny to hide.

Price: $96.90

Buy the Train Gift Basket for Kids here.


  • Beautifully packaged in a basket and cellophane wrap
  • Full of delicious candy and super fun toys
  • Fantastic for any child that enjoys trains


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4. Cute Easter Basket for Baby’s First Easter

cute easter basket, my first easter basket, Gund Easter basket, baby Easter basket


No list of cute Easter baskets would be complete without mentioning something geared towards babies. After all, it’s a pretty special experience for a young child to participate in his or her first Easter. The Gund My First Easter Basket is perfect.

Unlike cute Easter baskets geared towards slightly-older children, this particular set-up doesn’t include any candy or treats. Instead, it comes with five activity toys–each pertaining to Easter in some way. These activity toys include a carrot crinkle toy, an Easter egg squeak toy, a chick rattle, a bunny sound toy, and a bonus coloring sheet. Your little one’s first Easter will rock with this cute Easter basket.

Price: $29.95

Buy the Gund My First Easter Basket here.


  • No choking hazards – built for 0+
  • Comes with five activity toys
  • Toys are very soft – babies love them


  • May be smaller-than-expected

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5. Cute Easter Basket for Disney Fans

kids Easter basket, cute easter basket, minnie mouse easter basket, disney easter basket


With Disney and other large kids companies nowadays, there are so many characters and shows to choose from, it’s mind-boggling. But, there are a few that withstand the test of time: Mickey and Minnie mouse.

This OG pair comes to life with the Easter Gifts Minnie Mouse Basket. A whopping ten items arrive in this cute Easter basket, ranging from a stuffie, to activity books, and accessories. And, if your little one is more about Mickey, then there’s an option for him, too. Send your kid into fits of delight with the Easter Gifts Minnie Mouse Basket.

Price: $62.99

Buy the Easter Gifts Minnie Mouse Basket here.


  • Comes with 10 separate items
  • Mickey or Minni Mouse themed
  • Perfect for kids three-plus


  • May be smaller than expected

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Unfilled Cute Easter Baskets

There’s just something fun about finding the perfect stuffers for your kid’s Easter basket. Perhaps she’s into superheroes, or he’s into baking. No matter your child’s preferences, you’ll need a cute Easter basket to put their fillers into. Snag the perfect one here.

6. Cute Eco-Friendly Easter Basket

cute easter basket, bunny easter basket, unfilled easter basket


Cute Easter baskets come in tons of shapes and forms. But, there are a few classics you expect to see every year. The most classic of them all is a basket that pays homage to the Easter Bunny. That’s where the Easter Bunny Basket steps in.

This unique, cute Easter basket is made with environmentally-friendly material–micro-plush polyester. It measures 5.9-inches wide x 6.7-inches high, with a 6.7-inch drop handle. Because of the way it’s shipped, it’s recommended you fill it with eggs before setting out the Easter basket for your children. This helps “re-fluff” it to its proper size. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more on-point Easter basket.

Price: $11.99

Buy the Easter Bunny Basket here.


  • Made of soft, environmentally-friendly material
  • Large enough to hold a decent amount (5.9″ x 6.7″)
  • Perfect for both boys and girls


  • Must be properly fluffed before use

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7. Cute Dinosaur Easter Basket

cute easter basket, dinosaur easter basket, dinosaur tote, Easter basket tote, Easter basket bag


While there are plenty of cute Easter baskets geared towards the sweeter things in life, “cute” doesn’t have to mean adorable. Instead, it can mean something giggle-worthy, like the Dinosaur Tote Bag.

Available in white or yellow, it features a T-rex, holding a basket of eggs in its mouth. At the bottom it reads “egg-cellent”. It’s a lightweight, six-ounce tote, made of 100% cotton. Measuring 14.5-inches wide x 15.5-inches high, it’s the perfect size for an Easter basket.

Price: $15.99

Buy the Dinosaur Tote Bag here.


  • Unique design – dinosaur holding an Easter basket
  • Available in white or yellow
  • Made with 100% cotton


  • Isn’t structured – requires contents to hold it up properly

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8. Cute Bunny Easter Basket

cute Easter basket, bunny Easter basket, Easter basket with handle


If you really like bunny-themed Easter baskets, but felt like the previous capsule was too “in your face”, don’t worry. There are plenty of other cute Easter baskets featuring bunnies, like the Easter Bunny Bag.

This baby is perfect as an Easter basket itself, or as an Easter egg hunt holder. It measures 10-inches X 9.5-inches, and is available in three colors: Pink, blue, and green. Made with cotton, so you can properly clean it, if that becomes an issue. Subtle bunny Easter baskets–cute, and easy.

Price: $11.99

Buy the Easter Bunny Bag here.


  • Choose from three different colors
  • Made with cotton – easy to spot-clean
  • Ideal as an Easter basket or an egg-collecting basket


  • Handle may not be ideal for shoulders

Find more Easter Bunny Bag information and reviews here.

9. Cute Old-School Easter Baskets

original easter baskets, cute easter baskets, colorful easter baskets, bamboo easter baskets


If there’s one thing that comes to mind with cute Easter baskets, it may be that of your childhood. Remember those colorful bamboo baskets you received every year? Well they’re not out-of-style, and you can get them for your own children, too.

The Deluxe Bamboo Easter Baskets come in packs of five–so you’re covered for multiple children. They measure 12-inches tall (with the handle), 7.5-inches wide, and three-inches deep. Since they’re entirely reusable, you may have just found your family’s forever cute Easter baskets.

Price: $12.95

Buy the Deluxe Bamboo Easter Baskets here.


  • Comes with five cute Easter baskets
  • Created with vibrant, eye-catching colors
  • Non-toxic
  • Fantastic price


  • You may not need that many baskets

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10. Cute Customizable Easter Baskets

personalizable easter basket, customizable easter basket


While there are tons of amazing, cute Easter baskets out there, they all feel the same. Not because they look the same, or are crafted with similar material. Instead, they’re unpersonalized–they could be any child’s basket. Go the personalization route with the Personalizable Easter Eggs Hunts Basket.

Each container is made with 100% cotton, and features a pair of bunny ears poking out the top. Choose from ten amazing colors inside the ears. If chocolate melts or it takes on other stains, not to worry. These baskets are machine-washable, and safe to contact both food and skin. Your kids will be thrilled for years to come with their personalized Easter basket.

Price: $8.38

Buy the Personalizable Easter Eggs Hunts Basket here.


  • Incredible price
  • Choose from ten separate colors
  • Machine-washable, and is safe for food- and skin-contact
  • Entirely reusable


  • Older children might not be thrilled with personalized baskets

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