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When it comes time to stock up on Christmas supplies, you cannot forget the Christmas party favors. This category of gettable holiday stuff speaks for itself: you have a party, and you want to be the host with the most so you provide your guests with a little party favor. But let’s not limit it to a party. This list is comprised of great stuff that the kids can take to school to share with their class. You can pass them out to the people you love at work. Or everyone at work. This list was developed with a couple of simple guiding principles: make sure the product is a good, fun product and, secondly, let’s not have you spending a lotta dough on these. They’re Christmas party favors so they can be on the chintzy side. We did not include any comestibles here, but we know of a list (for good little girls and boys to peruse) of the Top 10 Traditional Christmas Candies: The Ultimate List, that you could cop anything off of and use some of that as your party favor. Or you could slice up some righteous fruitcake! Take a look at our list of the Top 10 Best Fruitcakes to Buy for Christmas. Whatever it is, party on!

1. Original LED Light Up Christmas Bulb Necklace

christmas party favors, supplies


You cannot miss with this one. It’s the old school style Christmas bulbs done up as a necklace. This terrific Christmas party favor is a 34-inch necklace that’s comprised of nine two and a half inch bulbs in red, green blue and yellow. It comes with pre-installed batteries and replacement batteries are even included. It’s an easy button that controls the lights, including on and off and six flashing modes ranging from flashing to all on. A very popular item with more than 1,000 reviews and very high ratings. There’s also a “jingle bell” style, which is a necklace comprised of seven large shiny jingle balls that light up (and feature seven different modes). Both styles are offered individually or in four packs. Versatile option here for your holiday entertaining: put a necklace around or near each person’s plate at the table then everyone put ’em on!

Price: $6.99 (13 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Original LED Light Up Christmas Bulb Necklace here.

2. Joyin Toy 60 Piece Light Up Party Favor Pack

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All told, it’s like getting a box of dazzling, colorful LED lights. But, individually, it’s 60 separate pieces in three different categories: 44 LED Finger Lights; 12 LED Flashy Bumpy Rings; four “Kanye West style” LED slotted shades glasses. (Does Kanye wear these? Does Kim know?) To get a bit clearer picture of what these pieces are, take a look at this YouTube video (and groove on “The Muffin Man” while you watch).

The finger lights are designed with elastic straps that attach securely to fingers, pencils, pens or other objects. The bumpy rings are made of that stretchy jelly material. The shades are, well, glasses (sort of) that are comprised of those horizontal slats that look more like something from Star Trek. They light up, too. Lots of very positive reviews on this box of Christmas party favors and the key is that there are 60 pieces in this one, so it’s good for a crowd. And batteries are included.

Price: $18.95

Buy the Joyin Toy 60 Piece Light Up Party Favor Pack here.

3. San Tokra Flashing Light Necklaces (12)

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Not a ton of reviews on this (around 40) but they’re very positive reviews and these light up necklaces look to be a hit. Each package comes with 12 necklaces. The pendant portions of the necklaces are Santa, Frosty, etc. They’re controlled with button on the back of the pendant and the manufacturer says they last three to eight hours and can be replaced with a small battery (a pack of four AG3s is around five dollars here). But if you’re using these for party favors, the light’s probably gonna last as long as the party.

Price: $11.97

Buy the San Tokra Flashing Light Necklaces here.

4. The Elf on the Shelf Scented Pens

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Not only do these pens sport Christmasy images of The Elf on the Shelf, they are scented. If you guessed “candy cane” aroma, you are correct! Several of the reviews say these retractable pens write really well, too (black ink). A total of 24 pens come in each order and there are six different designs. Perfect Christmas party favors for making out one’s Christmas list.

Price: $15.74

Buy the The Elf on the Shelf Scented Pens here.

5. Tub of Candy Cane Pens (36)

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And in keeping with the theme of pens, we suggest this tub of 36 candy cane pens. Besides looking like a candy cane, these Christmas party favors smell like them: the ink is scented with peppermint. The ink is black and the pens are about seven inches in length. Said one reviewer: “Everyone I gave the pens to remembered them from 20 years ago. Lots of fun to hand out at the holidays.” We do want to mention that a few of the reviews say the pens are quite thin but, hey, you’re not looking for an elite writing instrument here, right?

Price: $21.24

Buy the Tub of Candy Cane Pens here.

6. LED Flashing Santa Claus Rings (36)

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With this ring, I thee pronounce you a Christmas party animal. They’re simple little Santa faces — and they look good whether they’re lit up or not. When you do want to show some extra style, the rings do flash and the batteries are included and pre-installed. Each box contains 36 rings so these Christmas party favors are good for three dozen of your friends or, if you’re blinging out, six friends. (In other words, you could each wear six rings. You get the idea. It’s the holidays! Go crazy!)

Price: $24.99

Buy the LED Flashing Santa Claus Rings here.

7. Christmas Slap Bracelets (8)

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Each pack contains eight bracelets with four of each design: one is santa, the other is a reindeer. They’re felt covered so they’re going to be a bit more comfy for the holiday wearer. And just to be clear: a slap bracelet is made of thin concave metal that sort of snaps around your wrist when you pop it against your arm. The best way to describe these colorful Christmas party favors is cute. They’ll be a hit!

Price: $9.99

Buy the Christmas Slap Bracelets here.

8. Christmas Wine Bottle Stoppers (3)

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Now we’re talking. Whatever the design, whatever the season, a stopper for a wine bottle is always a hit with the wine drinker. These Christmas party favors are, of course, done up with the Yuletide flair. Each pack comes with three stoppers: one is Santa, one is a snowman, and one is a Christmas tree. They’ve passed FDA testing and are made of zinc alloy material with rubber gaskets and they’re easy to clean. Cheers.

Price: $19.99 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Christmas Wine Bottle Stoppers here.

9. Mini Christmas Notepads (12)

christmas party favors, supplies

Would work very well with the different versions of pens in this list. These holiday notepads — 12 of them come in a pack — are comprised of four different designs: Santa, a snowman, an elf and a reindeer. Make your list of who’s naughty and who’s naughtier.

Price: $9.87

Buy the Mini Christmas Notepads here.

10. Christmas Rubber Ducky Assortment (50)

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We finish with what is probably our favorite Christmas party favor. These are Hill. Arious. Very funny, very unique and sure to get the laughs from everyone you bequeath them to. There are a couple of points to pay attention to: they don’t float upright and the different figures and faces are randomly included in each package of 50. Whether you get some wise men, some trees and some Santas — or whatever combo is in your package — you gotta love these holiday rubber duckies.

Price: $27.75

Buy the Christmas Rubber Ducky Assortment here.

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