Top 10 Best Brilliant 420 Party Ideas for 2018


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As a cannasseur, your favorite holiday, hands-down, no questions asked, is 420. Across the nation, tons of amazing, dank cannabis parties occur on the 20th of April.

While attending a party hosted by someone else is awesome, why not take it up a notch and host your own 420 party? You and your homies will be eating the most delicious food, all from the comfort of your home.

If you’re unsure of where to start, this piece is the perfect springboard for fantastic 420 party ideas. Use it however your please, to throw a sick celebration in 2018.

1. Best of 420 Party Ideas: Play a Smoking Game

best 420 party ideas, 420 party ideas Amazon

As far as 420 party ideas go, keeping your guests entertained is always something to focus on. It should come as no surprise, but stoners are well-known for inventing creative, off-the-wall games. So if you’re ready for a fun time, consider making a smoking obstacle course.

Depending on the amount of space and smoking implements available, you can create as large or small of a course as you please. Simply provide a course built with pillows, blankets, and even this tunnel. Place things to smoke along the course. Ideas include blunts, joints, bongs, rigs, and more. Set a timer, and see who’s the swiftest smoker amongst your homies.

If the obstacle course didn’t tickle your fancy, try some of these other games.

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2.Best of 420 Party Ideas: Have a Rolling Contest

best 420 party ideas, 420 party ideas Amazon

How many times has one of your homies claimed he’s, “By far the best roller on the planet.” Only to have another buddy counter, “Nah, man. I’m the best!” Instead of listening to them bicker, set up a rolling contest to see who’s truly the rolling master.

Snag some Raw rolling papers to do so. Almost all stoners have used Raws at some point or another, leaving a relatively level playing field. Come up with a scoring system that covers both quality of the smokeage, and time it took to roll.

Prefer other rolling papers? Check out these bad boys.

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3. Best of 420 Party Ideas: Make a Gravity Bong

best 420 party ideas, 420 party ideas Amazon

Without a doubt, gravity bongs are one of the most efficient ways to smoke cannabis. In short, they pull the smoke into a contained area, allowing you to inhale everything–rather than letting the smoke drift into the air. Most of the time, they’re made with a two-liter, but they can be crafted with other household items.

Snag a two-liter of your choosing. Cut off the bottom portion of the bottle. Unscrew the cap and puncture a hole in the middle of it. Take a small piece of aluminum foil, create a bowl shape, and pull the middle of the “bowl” through the top of the cap’s hole. Smooth down the ends of the foil, and poke tiny holes where the larger hole sits.

Now, you’ll need to fill up a bathtub or large bucket with water. Place the bud on top of the cap, submerge most of the bottle, and light the greens. Slowly begin to pull the bottle out of the water. This pulls the smoke down (with gravity, hence the name!), and traps it in the bottle. Once the bowl is cashed, unscrew the cap, and inhale. Gravity bongs may feel intimidating, but they’re super easy, and your guests will love them.

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4. Best of 420 Party Ideas: Provide Dank Edibles

best 420 party ideas, 420 party ideas Amazon

No marijuana party is complete without edibles. Sure, you could always go to the dispensary and pick up a stack, but that can quickly turn expensive. Or, you could make cannabutter by hand. But, that’s semi-labor-intensive. Make your life easier with a Magical Butter Botanical Extractor.

Also known as the Magical Butter Maker, this bad boy takes your edible making up a notch. Simply dump in your bud and a proportional amount of butter (the instructions spell everything out perfectly), and turn it on. In a few hours, you’ll have infused-butter. It will need to harden and cool, so make sure you prepare cannabutter ahead of time.

Keep in mind, not everyone can eat “regular” food, thanks to food allergies, Celiac, or being vegan. Be cognizant of your homie’s food issues, and ensure you provide them with safe-to-eat edibles.

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5. Best of 420 Party Ideas: Supply High-Enhancing Munchies

best 420 party ideas, 420 party ideas Amazon Fresh

If you’re throwing a 420 party, you need to ensure you have munchies for people to nom on. Instead of solely including the typical salty/sweet/savory snacks, consider adding in some “high-enhancing” ones.

Certain foods such as mangos have significant amounts of compounds called terpenes. Terpenes are what give cannabis (and other plants) their aroma. Mangos specifically contain myrcene, which naturally reacts with THC, cannabis’s psychoactive ingredient. So, cut up some mango chunks and leave them out.

Other high-enhancing foods include sweet potatoes, nuts, beer, and tea.

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6. Best of 420 Party Ideas: Hit a Long-Necked Bong

best 420 party ideas, 420 party ideas Grasscity

When it comes to throwing a 420 party, you’re obviously going to be displaying your entire glass collection. Everything from little bubblers, to pipes, rigs, and bongs. But, having a stand-out piece in your collection makes it that much better. What better “stand-out” piece, than a bong with an extra-long neck?

Instead of spending gobs of money on a dope custom from a glass artist (although if you’ve got the funds, go for it!), opt to snag an awesome bong for under-$70. This bad boy features several smoking chambers, thus cooling the hit before it reaches your lungs. Its downstem is metal, and it sits on a bubble base. Long-neck bongs are downright fun.

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7. Best of 420 Party Ideas: Craft Apple Pipes

best 420 party ideas, 420 party ideas Amazon

Stoners are well-known for their extreme ingenuity. If there’s no glass or papers, no problem. In steps the apple pipe. Not only is it an extreme throwback for many cannasseurs, it’s also fun to take a rip.

Making an apple pipe is super easy. First, find a medium-sized apple and remove the stem. Take a pen, and drive it half-way through where the stem used to sit. With that same pen, push it through the side, parallel to the floor. Make sure the second hole is about half-way down the side of the apple. Push in, until the second hole connects to the first.

If you’d like to make a carb hole, rotate the apple 1/4 turn. Repeat the process of shoving in the pen, parallel to the floor. Stop when it reaches the other joined holes. This allows you to control the smoke.

You can make an aluminum bowl, just like with the gravity bong. Or, if the hole is small enough, you can simply place the bud on top, and rip it. If you’re allergic to apples, or don’t want to go purchase the fruit, other vegetables may be made into pipes, as well.

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8. Best of 420 Party Ideas: Ripping a Vape

best 420 party ideas, 420 party ideas Vapor4Life

If you’re going to throw a 420 party, you need to have smoking implements. Since we’ve already covered large bongs, gravity bongs, and home-made pipes, it’s time to think about a vaporizer. And there’s no better vaporizer than the Grandaddy Volcano Vaporizer Kit.

This OG vape is one of the best vaporizers on the market. It’s available in two models: Digital and classic. Digital uses a digital screen to set the temperature, while classic uses an old-fashioned dial. And you can choose between easy and solid valves. Easy valves use a single-size bag to collect the vapor. Solid valves allow you to adjust the size of the bag. While solid valves are easier to use with a large group, they do require a bit more work. Without a doubt, though, vaping will seriously increase the awesomeness of your 420 get together.

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9. Best of 420 Party Ideas: Hotbox a Blanket Fort

best 420 party ideas, 420 party ideas Amazon

There’s just something about cannabis that makes you want to indulge your inner-child. While there are many ways to do so (hello, candy store trip!), there’s one that will make you and your guests giggle like children: Building a blanket fort…and then hotboxing it.

Since blanket forts can be created in a number of ways, depending on the size of your space, use your imagination. Large pillows and massive blankets will make your life infinitely easier. And, don’t forget about using chairs to prop up the ceiling. If you don’t have a huge blanket on-hand, consider this super soft throw. It comes in tons of colors and designs. Grab one to make your perfect 420 party blanket fort.

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10. Best of 420 Party Ideas: Smoking Gold

best 420 party ideas, 420 party ideas Amazon

When you’re throwing a 420 party, there are bound to be loads of joints. You’ll probably end up rolling a few yourself, and your homies will bring some, too. But what if you could literally smoke a gold joint? You can!

Shine has created a line of entirely smokeable gold rolling papers. They come with a certificate of authenticity, to ensure you’re puffing on the real thing. This baby is a cone, making your joint rolling efforts that much easier. But, if you prefer actual rolling papers, or blunts, you can snag them as well. Be as bougie as you feel, with this awesome 420 party idea.

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