Top 10 Best Apology Gifts for Men & Women


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You screwed up, big time. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it? You said something stupid, or did something stupid, and you hurt the feelings of someone you care about. We’re here to help you make it right. Sometimes a verbal apology is enough on its own, but really big screw-ups demand something extra. The right gift, thoughtfully selected can show just how contrite you really are. And while you shouldn’t try to “buy” someone’s forgiveness with a gift, a little something can show that you really want to repair a relationship and set things right. And don’t you dare give an apology gift that doesn’t include a card. That card should include a handwritten note from you. Make it personal, make it real, make it count. If you don’t have a stash of notecards handy for gift-giving, we heartily recommend this pop-up apology card design.

It should go without saying, but even the most lavish gift doesn’t work as an apology gift if you don’t actually pair it with a heartfelt apology. So suck it up, and make a face-to-face apology, or send a thoughtfully written card at the very least. As cute as they may be, these hilarious “apology notes” from Knock Knock are probably not going to get you forgiven. Be authentic in your apology, give a good gift, and you may be able to smooth over your screw-up. Read on to get inspired, and find a gift that expresses just how sorry you are. Once you have that perfect gift, the healing can begin.

1. KaBloom Exotic Blue Sapphire Orchids

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Flowers are the classic apology gift. They’re great for making up after a fight, or for apologizing after you said something you didn’t mean. Roses are a classic option for your romantic partner, but they can be expensive. These beautiful Dendrobium orchids are a great option for your lover, your best friend, or even a family member. Blue orchids symbolize rarity and refinement, and giving them as a gift shows that you respect the other person a great deal. These elegant flowers are a great gift for anyone who loves the color blue. Consider pairing with a little card that says something like “I’ve been ‘blue’ since we fought. I’m sorry. Forgive me?”

Price: $36.99 (with vase)

Buy a bouquet of KaBloom Exotic Blue Sapphire Orchids here.

2. I’m Sorry Donkey

apology gift, sorry gifts, stuffed donkey Amazon

If you acted like a jackass, own up to your mistake with this tongue-in-cheek apology gift. This stuffed donkey is about eight inches tall, and comes with a little t-shirt. Give your recipient a heads up: this toy is surface washable and can be tumble dried, so it’s relatively easy to clean.

If this little guy doesn’t seem like a big enough gift, another option to consider is this giant sized “I’m sorry” teddy bear, perfect for apologizing for a really big fight.

Price: $16.97

Buy the I’m Sorry Donkey here.

3. La Joya 1/10 CTTW 10K White Gold Diamond Flower Pendant

apology gift, sorry gifts, diamond necklace Amazon

Jewelry is a thoughtful gift for when you really, deeply screwed up. This affordable necklace gives you all the sparkle of diamonds, but at a price point that’s fairly affordable. Of course, if you really messed up, you might want to consider a more lavish piece of diamond jewelry. This 1.5 carat solitaire necklace is a good place to start your search for epic diamond jewelry. But for those on a tight budget, a $99 necklace is a solid apology gift that shows the depth of your remorse.

Price: $99

Buy the La Joya 1/10 CTTW 10K White Gold Diamond Flower Pendant here.

4. Godiva Chocolatier Classic Gold Ballotin

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When in doubt, chocolate can help. This gold box of chocolates includes 19 tasty treats, perfect for when you need to apologize to someone who has a sweet tooth. The box is totally gift-able, thanks to an included ribbon on top of the box. And you can always pair a box of chocolates with the flowers or stuffed animals recommended earlier on our list.

Price: $28.95 for a box of 19 chocolates

Buy the Godiva Chocolatier Classic Gold Ballotin here.

5. American Greetings Funny Forgive Me Apology Card

apology gifts, apology card Amazon

Sometimes a little humor can diffuse a tense situation. This chuckle-worthy apology card is a good option for those who want a funny card, or those who just don’t have the budget for a more substantial apology gift. You could also pop a gift card inside the envelope, but be careful. Some people might take offense at the idea of you “buying them off” with a card that’s essentially like giving cash. However, others would be excited at the possibility of a little shopping spree, or a free dinner. Know your audience, and make a choice that won’t get you in even more hot water.

Price: $4.25

Buy the American Greetings Funny Forgive Me Apology Card here.

6. Sweet Sensations Cookie, Candy & Treats Gift Basket

apology gifts, sorry gifts, gift basket Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets

Chocolate doesn’t actually fix everything, but it certainly helps. This is a great gift basket for when you’ve offended your parents or your romantic partner. This gift basket is overflowing with all kinds of goodies, including cookies, pretzels, chocolate truffles, caramels, candies, popcorn, dried fruit, cake, and toffee. Pair this gift basket with an equally “sweet” apology, and all will be forgiven.

Price: $69.99

Buy the Sweet Sensations Cookie, Candy and Treats Gift Basket here.

7. Espresso Patronum Harry Potter Funny Cartoon Mug

apology gifts, harry potter mug, sorry gift Amazon

Need to apologize to someone you don’t know that well? It can be hard, because you may not know their likes and dislikes. Most people start their day with coffee, so this is a safe gift to give as an apology gift. It’s an especially nice gift idea for a Harry Potter fan, particularly if you pair it with a bag of “Defense Against the Dark Arts” coffee beans. Need a gift for a tea-drinker or a Potterphobe? You could consider this cute cat-shaped tea mug/tea steeper as an alternative.

Price: $13.85 for an 11 ounce mug

Buy the Espresso Patronum Harry Potter Funny Cartoon Mug here.

8. Buffalo Bills 15-Piece Beef Jerky & Beef Stick Sampler in a Black Velour Wine Gift Bag

apology gifts, sorry gifts, beef jerky Amazon

When you were acting jerk-y, give jerky. This assortment of gourmet beef jerky comes in a giftable little velour pouch. Play up the “jerk” pun angles, and forgiveness is only a beef stick away. For the hard-to-please folks, consider an exotic jerky sampler, featuring venison, elk, wild boar, and bison.

Price: $39.99

Buy the Buffalo Bills 15-Piece Beef Jerky & Beef Stick Sampler here.

9. The Little Flower Soap Co. Essential Oil Aromatherapy Gift Box

apology gifts, spa gift set, sorry gifts The Little Flower Soap Co

You know what’s really great for smoothing things over? A handmade gift. Maybe a jar of your homemade preserves, or maybe a handmade apology card, or perhaps even a plate of cookies you painstakingly decorated by hand. But if you lack the skills to make something handmade yourself, you can always outsource the handmaking to someone. One handmade gift we love is this gift set from The Little Flower Soap Co., a handmade giftery based in Michigan. This is a great gift for any woman who is stressed out and needs some self-care, and it’s also a nice gift for anyone with family ties to Michigan. The Gift Set includes a gift box with gift tag, soap, lip balm, Pink Grapefruit bath salts, muscle rescue balm, and skin rescue balm. This gift set from Nivea is a similar idea that may also be worth your consideration.

Price: $28.50

Buy The Little Flower Soap Co. Essential Oil Aromatherapy Gift Box here.

10. Kobelli Diamond Necklace 1/10 Carat TDW Shared Prongs in 10k Gold

apology gifts, sorry gifts, diamond necklace Amazon

Sometimes when you screw up big, you need an apology gift that’s really special. Diamonds are expensive, and they show just how sorry you are for whatever you said or did. Available in rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold, this delicate necklace is a beautiful gift that shows just how sorry you are. This necklace is more expensive than other gifts we’ve recommended, making it suitable for those times when you need to bleed a little bit from your wallet in order to make amends. It’s also more visually arresting than the other diamond necklace we recommended earlier in our guide, making it ideal for those who want something with a little more “oomph”.

Price: $375

Buy the Kobelli Diamond Necklace here.

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