Thanksgiving 2017: Is Burger King Open Today?


Is Burger King Open on Thanksgiving? , Burger King Hours Thanksgiving Day 2017Getty

People queue at a Burger King fast food restaurant during the inauguration of the first Carrefour supermarket of Sub-Saharan Africa in Abidjan on December 18, 2015.

Sure, the day is typically celebrated with turkey and stuffing, but who’s to say you won’t be craving a burger and fries!

Whether you’re looking to try something new this year or had a mishap with the turkey, Burger King is here for you. Most Burger King restaurants across the country will be open on Thanksgiving Day, though hours may be limited.

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If you’re not feeling up for cooking today, many restaurants have your back.  A survey from the National Restaurant Association shows that one in ten adults (9%) are planning on having their meal at a restaurant this year.  Survey results show that of all the adults planning to visit a restaurant on Thanksgiving– either to supplement their home-cooked meals or to eat in whole– 31% say the restaurant they’ve chosen is the one they typically go to on Thanksgiving. 30% say it is “their favorite restaurant”, and just 18% are visiting a restaurant they haven’t been to before.

In a recent article, the Los Angeles Times ranked the twelve most popular Thanksgiving side dishes. Burgers didn’t quite make the list, but corn, candied yams, and brussels sprouts did. The most popular side dish? Mashed potatoes!

If you do plan on hitting the roads to find a Burger King near you, be warned: traffic will not be light this year. According to recent statistics from ABC News, 50.9 million people are expected to travel over this year’s Thanksgiving. The American Automobile Association shows a 3.3% increase from 2016’s Thanksgiving holiday travel, which was 48 million.

AAA predicts this year will be the highest travel volume since 2005– so expect to be sitting in hours of traffic if you hit the road. In general, planning ahead and knowing you may hit some bumps in the road will be the best way to prepare whatever hiccups are thrown at you when it comes to traveling on Thanksgiving.