Terry Lee Coursey: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


terry lee coursey


Terry Lee Coursey.

Terry Lee Coursey, a Florida teacher, is accused of getting into a fight with another mother at a youth baseball practice after getting upset that the other woman was wearing “short shorts.”

The alleged victim was left with injuries after the altercation with Coursey, 37. It’s but the latest story of a female teacher getting in trouble with the law in the United States, although many of those accounts involve sexual misconduct accusations, which is not the case here.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Coursey Was Accused of Being Part of a ‘Fracas’ at a Youth Baseball Game

Terry Lee Coursey

Terry Lee Coursey.

Authorities accuse Terry Lynn Coursey of getting into a fight with the other mother at their children’s youth baseball practice in Florida.

According to News4Jax, Coursey is accused of criticizing the victim for wearing “short shorts” to the practice. “The victim said things escalated when Coursey attacked her…She said she was repeatedly punched in the face and then tackled,” News4Jax reported.

2. The Alleged Victim Had Bruises & Abrasions

FacebookTerry Lee Coursey.

Coursey was arrested after a deputy observed injuries to the alleged victim. “There were visible bruises on the victim’s forearms, a cut on her right wrist and abrasions on her shoulder, elbow and chest,” News4Jax reported.

Coursey was charged with misdemeanor simple battery and bailed out of jail.

3. Coursey Is From Texas

terry lee coursey

Terry Lee Coursey.

On Facebook, Coursey wrote that she is from Mesquite, Texas, lives in Orange Park, Florida, and is a teacher at Clay County Schools. Her cover photo is a Texas football field, and her photos consist of headshots.

Friends filled the comments threads on most of her photos with commentary such as “beautiful!” and “drop dead gorgeous.”

Coursey responded to one such comment, “Thanks! Y’all are so sweet!”

4. Coursey Was Suspended From Her Job in an Elementary School

terry lee coursey

Terry Lee Coursey

First Coast News reports that Terry Lee Coursey was working as a teacher in a Florida elementary school.

She was suspended from the job when the allegations first arose, the news site reports.

Coursey did speak with police, but, as of March 10, 2018, they had not released the contents of that conversation.

5. Multiple Female Teachers in the United States Have Ended Up in Trouble With the Law

TwitterLoryn Barclay.

Female teachers ending up in mugshots has become a too common phenomenon over the past few years, although, in many of those cases, there were accusations of sexual misconduct (there are no such accusations in the case of Terry Lee Coursey.)

Dori Myers, a teacher in the Bronx, was accused of having oral sex with a juvenile, charges she denies.

Cassandra White, an English teacher in Oklahoma, is even accused of taking out a marriage license with a teenage boy. Hunter Day, an Oklahoma teacher, was accused of sending nude photos to a student. Among other recent cases: Loryn Barclay, a former substitute teacher at a Missouri High School, was accused of having sexual contact multiple times with a 17-year-old boy. Shawnetta Reece, a gym teacher from Georgia, was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old boy.

Tracy Miller, a West Virginia teacher, was accused of sending nude photos to students. Nataly Lopez, a 27-year-old former substitute teacher at a middle school in New Jersey, was accused of having sexual contact with a student. Lindsey Jarvis, a 27-year-old middle school teacher’s aide, was accused of the rape and sodomy of a student who was under the age of 16. Jarvis was arrested in Fayette County, Kentucky, on June 16. Then there’s Laura Ramos. She is a 31-year-old Connecticut high school teacher who is accused of having sex with a special education student. And there’s Tiffany Geliga.