Team Adam Levine on ‘The Voice’ 2018: Meet the Contestants Going Into the Battle Rounds


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Photo by: Tyler Golden – NBC

Season 14 of The Voice enters the battle rounds tonight and Adam Levine’s team is made up of 12 contestants out of the 48 artists participating in the competition. Levine has brought “Issues” singer Julia Michaels on board as an adviser this season as he coaches each contestant into being the best they can be in their performances. Get to know more about each of the contestants on Levine’s team below.

Miya Bass

Miya Bass originally followed in her family’s footsteps to become an officer with the NYPD, but now she’s trying to live out her dreams in music. Currently, Bass, who previously quit school, has gone back to college, and she has been performing with an 11-piece funk band called Funktion 11.

Angel Bonilla

Angel Bonilla originally hails from the Philippines and she comes from a conservative Catholic family. Bonilla, who was born a male, realized at the age of 6, that she couldn’t deny her soul. She fully transitioned by 16 years old and she is the first transgender contestant on The Voice.

Mia Boostrom

Boostrom was previously a contestant on America’s Got Talent and she was bullied for her weight after her appearance on the show. Eventually, she overcame her insecurities.

Drew Cole

Some may know singer Drew Cole from his viral video “Golden Loves Guitar”, which features him playing the guitar, alongside his dog, a golden retriever. Currently, Cole works as a bartender at The Grove in Los Angeles.


Davison grew up in the church, singing with the choir and later went on to put together his own gospel group. Unfortunately, he left a full ride at school to help his mother when his parents got divorced.

Genesis Diaz

Diaz hails from Miami and music is in her blood. According to her NBC Voice bio, “Her mom was a singer, songwriter and guitar teacher, while her dad played a variety of instruments. When they left Cuba for Miami, her parents were unable to pursue music full-time. Genesis carried on the family’s talents, landing a job singing in a country band at 13.”

Gary Edwards

Edwards was raised in a Christian household, singing gospel music, and for his blind audition on the show, he performed the song “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye. In addition to performing, Edwards also enjoys teaching music to children, but he currently makes ends meet as an IT processor.

Tish Haynes Keys

This gifted singer performed Aretha Franklin’s “Chain of Fools” for her blind audition this season and, like several of her fellow team members, she grew up singing in church. In fact, Keys’ father was a preacher. Keys has her own soul band, but she is trying out as a solo act on The Voice.

Rayshun LaMarr

Rayshun LaMarr has a great singing voice and an amazing attitude. After being diagnosed with lymphoma and multicentric Castleman’s disease, which is a rare genetic disorder, he lost his hearing, vision and voice. Today, he is cancer-free and has regained all of his senses.

Stephanie Skipper

For Skipper’s blind audition performance, she actually sang judge Kelly Clarkson’s song “Piece by Piece,” but she ended up on Levine’s team. When talking about the experience, Skipper told State College that, “The audition process started awhile ago, so it’s been a few months. I’ve made some great friends. I’ve learned a lot about my voice, and myself. There are a lot of amazing people who help make this show what it is. I really have great things to say about the whole staff and production and coaching, everything.” Currently, Skipper is married and lives in Nashville.

Reid Umstattd

When it comes to Reid Umstattd, some may know him from his band Nelo, but he’s looking to gain success as a solo artist. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Jena.

Jackie Verna

Verna is just 23 years old, but has already been through much. In her NBC bio, it reads that, “In 2012, Jackie was T-boned by a car that ran a red light. The accident left Jackie with severe physical injuries and a loss of confidence in her future. Her dreams of moving to Alabama and cheering in college came to a halt. Jackie spent the first few months after the accident indoors, not ready to face the outside world. She quickly turned to the keyboard her aunt gave her, and music became the key to her recovery.” Country music is Verna’s favorite.