Sam Shepard & Jessica Lange: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


1. They Have Two Kids Together

The couple has two children together: Hanna Jane Shepard (31) and Samuel Walker Shepard (30).

2. They Never Married but Were Together for 27 Years

3. Both Married Early Before Divorcing

Lange and Shepard both had their first marraiges at young ages. Lange was married to Paco Grande in 1970, when she was just 21, and Shepard married O-Lan Jones in 1963, when he was 26 and his bride was 19.

4. Both Were Reportedly Unfaithful in Their Relationships

Both Lange and Shepard are reported to have been unfaithful in their relationships.

According to The Hair Pin, Shepard had an affair with Patti Smith in 1970-1971, while he was still married to Jones. When he met Lange, he was still with O-Lan.

Lange, meanwhile, was dating Mikhail Baryshnikov when she met Shepard.

5. They Met in 1982 on the Set of the Film ‘Frances’

Shepard and Lange met in 1982, on the set of the film Frances.

According the Don Shewey biography, simply titled Sam Shepard, the two were left alone in the director’s office.

Lange is quoted as saying, “We’re both terribly shy and we’re sitting there,” she explained. “Sam looked like he was ready to run out. We’re both very judgmental, so we were judging each other.” And yet, Lange still knew: “I had a feeling Sam and I were going to fall in love.”