Ryan McKenna Is the ‘Selfie Kid’ Who Took Photo With Timberlake


Ryan McKenna Super Bowl Screengrab via NBC

A seventh grader from Massachusetts just became the most popular kid in school. The Pioneer Press in Minneapolis was the first outlet to identify Ryan McKenna, 13, as the kid who took a photo with Justin Timberlake’s half-time show. McKenna is a student at the Derby Academy in Hingham, Massachusetts.

John McKenna Facebook page Facebook/John McKenna

McKenna told the Pioneer Press, “I just thought to myself, ‘I’ll never get this opportunity again in my whole life.’ I just went for it.” He added that his family plans to fly home to Massachusetts on February 5 but he’s already been booked to appear on Good Morning America which might change their plans. His father, John McKenna said, “My phone started blowing up. My phone started blowing up… We had the great opportunity to come see the Super Bowl. Never in a million years did we think this would happen.”

McKenna went on to say that his phone practically died after his face appeared on TV. He told the Pioneer Press, “My phone is almost dead. I’ve gotten so many notifications. I’ve got like 36 Snapchats, like 21 DMs, and like 150 follower requests on Instagram… It was already crazy to be at the Super Bowl in the first place. Then all of a sudden I’m up on the jumbotron and everyone is talking about me. I can’t believe it.”