Report: New Overwatch Summer Games 2017 Info Datamined


Overwatch Summer Games

With Doomfist officially released less than a week ago, players are starting to grow anxious for the next big seasonal Overwatch event. Rumors have been swirling around for some time now in regards to this events return, but it appears we may have even more evidence of its existence. Keep in mind, we cannot 100% verify these claims, but all of the leaks and rumors are starting to pile up.

The newest report comes from Reddit user Yernemm, who has datamined the game to discover some new references to the Summer Games 2017. In Yernemm’s post, we can see multiple references to either the Summer Games loot boxes or the cosmetic items themselves. Allegedly, these items may be beach themed, which makes sense given there are no Olympic Games to draw inspiration from this year. Another image explains that there will be 40 new cosmetic items along with the old ones for those who missed last year’s festivities. Soccer is also heavily remarked upon in this datamine, though that’s not as much of a surprise given Lucioball is the special brawl for this seasonal event.

Overwatch Datamined

There is also a string that comments on a possible report system finally getting implemented for Xbox One and PS4 users.  This has been a highly requested feature since the game’s launch and we know for a fact that Blizzard has been working on bringing this to consoles. Here’s what the datamined section states about the console report system:

Your fellow players reported you for a gameplay offense. This includes griefing, inactivity, ongoing harassment, physical harassment, and scams. After a through investifation of the evidence, we have Suspended your Overwatch account. As the owner of this account, you are responsible for all actions associated with it. We will only overturn the penalties if there is evidence of a compromised account of similar extenuating circumstances.

As the weeks go by it is becoming more and more apparent that the Overwatch Summer Games will be making their return. There has also been a number of other leaks in regards to this event which you can read more about here. It will be interesting to see what changes Blizzard has made to their events, but thanks to the new loot box system obtaining these rare cosmetic items may not be as much of a pain anymore.