Reno Active Shooter at Montage Reports


Reno police

Reno police.

There are reports of an active shooter in Reno, Nevada, police confirmed. “Reports of a possible active shooter on Downtown Reno. Please avoid the area. No confirmed injuries,” Reno police wrote on Twitter on the evening of November 28.

“Police confirm active shooter situation. Shooter was firing from an elevated position in the Montage in downtown Reno,” reported journalist Bejamin Margiott on Twitter.

Reports of a gunman firing from an elevated position obviously brings back memories of the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas that took the lives of 58 people and injured hundreds more. However, it was not yet clear whether the Reno gunman had struck anybody as news broke out of the shooting on November 28, 2017.

KRNV-TV reported, “Heavy law enforcement presence still in place at Montage apartments in downtown Reno. News 4’s @BenMargiott reports hearing gunshots, N. Virginia closed.” Videos from the scene showed a massive law enforcement response.

KOLO8 television reported that police were closing down multiple streets, writing, “Active shooter call at the Montage in downtown Reno. Police are shutting down 2nd Avenue, 4th Avenue, Commercial Street, and Virginia Street.” The shooting location is in downtown Reno, Nevada, and the public was advised to stay away from the scene.