‘Prison Break’ Season 6: Will the Show Return? [POLL]


Prison Break (FOX)

After seven long years, Prison Break returned and fans are finally able to see Michael at work again. And once again, we’ve learned that he should never, ever be underestimated. (And we’ve seen again that he’s a genius with tattoos!) Fans have truly enjoyed being able to watch the season again, but is tonight’s finale going to be the permanent end? Or will there be a chance that Michael will return again for another season? Could there be a Season 6 renewal for Prison Break?

Here’s what we know so far. After reading this article, take our poll at the end and let us know if you’d like a Season 6. 

It’s very possible that there will be a Prison Break renewal someday. But unfortunately, that won’t be anytime soon, according to the latest news. The writers, producers, and Fox execs have said that they’re open to continuing the story. But Fox execs also said that a new season isn’t going to be happening in the near future.

Fox co-chairman and CEO Gary Newman said they loved the newest iteration of the show, but it’s not coming back next season. They are, however, open to bringing it back someday if there’s a great idea, Deadline reported.

Newman and fellow CEO Dana Walden shared a little more with TVLine. Walden indicated that if the show does return, it won’t be for a season-by-season story, year after year. Rather, it would consist of special seasons that air intermittently, like Season 5. Before the season started, creator Paul Scheuring said he wanted to do a season on par with Season 1 and would only do another season if the buzz was big and if they had a great idea. “From my end, the story has to be so perfect that it’s worth doing,” he told Entertainment Voice.

The Prison Break writers expanded on what Walden and Newman said about the show, explaining on Twitter that it meant the show would not be coming back in Fall 2018:

If the show does come back someday down the line, ratings will certainly help it, especially when you factor in delayed viewing. The premiere episode gained 53 percent more of an audience when delayed viewing was factored in, making it the highest-rated Tuesday night Fox show in more than 18 months, Variety reported.  The show is averaging about 2.6 million viewers a week and .97 in the 18-49 bracket, which is better than The Exorcist or Brooklyn Nine-Nine, both of which were renewed.

Sarah Wayne Callies has said that she doesn’t even want to think about Season 6 yet. It’s not because she’s not interested, but because the door has closed for her so many times that she’s just not ready to be wrong about the show again. She also said she wants to stay loyal to the fans and be careful that the show doesn’t overstay its welcome.

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