‘Prison Architect: Mobile’: Top 5 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know


Here are the top five tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Prison Architect: Mobile.

1. Slow Down Things a Little

Prison Architect Mobile

• Don’t forget that you can slow or even pause the flow of new inmates. It can feel a bit of a panic to get lodgings set-up for a never-ending flow of prisoners; fear not, you can always adjust accordingly.

2. Manage Your Ambitions

Prison Architect Mobile

• Start out small and then expand. It can be tempting to go all-out and plan yourself a mega prison from the get-go, but unfortunately your budget may not like you for it! Slow and steady wins the race.


Prison Architect Mobile

• On the topic of budgets, don’t forget to make use of grants. They are your ticket for earning quick injections of cash for larger projects.

4. Make Your Prison Population Work

Prison Architect Mobile

• OK, money is becoming a bit of a theme now. Don’t forget that you put your prisoners to work. Not only will this keep them occupied, but it also brings in extra funds. Just make sure that you count all of the chisels when they are done with their shift.


Prison Architect Mobile

• It’s a riot. Sometimes regardless of your best intentions things can start to go to pieces. Here’s where the emergency services step in. Call in the fire brigade or some riot police to help enforce order once more.

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