Pokemon Go Weather Effects: Which Pokemon Spawn More?


Dynamic weather effects have been added to Pokemon Go in today’s update.

As Niantic outlines in a blog post, certain types of Pokemon are more likely to appear in certain kinds of local weather. The Pokemon will also yeild a boost in Stardust when caught and are more likely to have higher IVs. The user interface also changes to reflect the weather. Move types that match the certain weather conditions will deal extra damage in battles.

Here is a list of all the types of Pokemon that appear more frequently in each weather condition as well as the types of moves that are boosted in battle:

Cloudy Weather – Fairy, Fighting, and Poison (Source)
Foggy Weather – Dark, Ghost (Source)
Sunny Weather – Grass, Fire, Ground (Source)
Rainy Weather – Water, Electric, Bug (Source)
Snowy Weather – Ice, Steel (Source)
Windy – Dragon, Flying, Psychic (Source)

According to Reddit User beaglechu and other Reddit users, the weather-boosted Pokemon appear to have a swirling motion around them on the map. We can confirm that this is the case as well.

According to Reddit User Baked_Fishy, weather spawns give 25 bonus stardust.

It appears that Pokemon won’t spawn in areas with dangerous weather conditions. Reddit User RealTrappyyy lives in Southern California and since there are fires 30 miles away from them the game says that Pokemon dislike the conditions and won’t show up.

The new update also added 50 new Pokemon from generation three of the Pokemon games (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald). It also added the beta feature to create battle parties that allow trainers to create teams of up to six Pokemon for Gym Battles and Raid Battles, according to another blog post by Niantic. It also increased Pokemon Storage maximum to 1,500, updated the battle interface to include a dedicated button for Charged Attacks, and performed various bug fixes and other updates.

In other news, Archit Bhargava, Global Marketing Lead for Pokemon Go, told TechCruch that they’ll be hosting an in-game holiday event around December 21. He didn’t tell them what to expect for the event.

Last year’s holiday event gave players a chance to catch a Pikachu wearing a Santa Claus hat. The event also made Pokestops give players an incubator every day that they visit and increased the chance of getting an egg at Pokestops that hatched into the baby Pokemon. Later in the event, they increased the spawn rates of the Kanto starter Pokemon and their evolutions as well as double the duration of Lure Modules.

The last event to come to the game was the Global Catch Challenge, in which players were tasked with catching over three billion Pokemon to unlock double Stardust, double XP, time extensions for Lure Module activation, and a 48 hour worldwide appearance of Farfetch’d, usually an East Asia exclusive Pokemon, while East Asia gets an appearance by Australia exclusive Kangaskhan. Players caught exactly 3,364,580,633 Pokemon during the seven day event according to Niantic, unlocking all of the perks. Niantic also added Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh to the game after players reached the 3 billion Pokemon threshold.

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