Pokemon Go Legendary Week: What’s In the Special Boxes?


pokemon go legendary week


As part of the Legendary Week where trainers got to fight all three Legendary Pokemon from the Hoenn region, a set of special boxes are available to purchase in the in-game shop from now until March 11.

Here are the contents of each Special Box:

Special Box – 480 Coins

  • 3 Lucky Eggs
  • 6 Premium Raid Passes
  • 6 Razz Berries


    Great Box – 780 Coins

  • 6 Max Potions
  • 8 Lucky Eggs
  • 10 Premium Raid Passes
  • 6 Pinap Berries


    Ultra Box – 1480 Coins

  • 10 Max Potions
  • 25 Lucky Eggs
  • 20 Premium Raid Passes
  • 10 Max Revive


  • Lucky Eggs are normally 80 Coins for each one, Premium Raid Passes are normally 100 Coins for each one, Max Revives are normally 180 Coins for 6, and Max Potions are normally 200 Coins for 10. You cannot get Star Pieces or Berries in the in-game shop on their own.

    If you’ve been saving your coins for a rainy day, this is the time to spend them if you’re short on Premium Raid Passes. The special boxes now are also a much better deal than the last batch of special boxes, with the Great Box offering 10 Premium Raid Passes instead of 6 and the Ultra Box offering 20 Passes instead of 12.

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