#PieGate Trending After Sarah Sanders Tweets a Pecan Pie



White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders takes questions during the daily briefing at the White House in Washington, DC, on August 2.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is being accused by the internet of trying to say that a stock image of a pecan pie is a Thanksgiving dessert she baked. It started with an innocent tweet on Thanksgiving, with Sanders saying: “I don’t cook much these days, but managed this chocolate pecan pie for Thanksgiving at the family farm!

But many on Twitter didn’t buy the photo, saying it’s a stock image that she lifted from the internet.

American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent April Ryan was one of the first to accuse Sanders of stealing the image and passing it off as her own. She asked the press secretary to send another photo of her Thanksgiving guests eating the pie.

“I am not trying to be funny but folks are already saying #piegate and #fakepie,” Ryan tweeted. “Show it to us on the table with folks eating it and a pic of you cooking it. I am getting the biggest laugh out of this. I am thankful for this laugh on Black Friday!”

That seemed to open up the floodgates, with many calling Sanders’ pecan pie image “fake news.”

That led to many tweeting stock photos or others’ images of food items they claimed they cooked.

Sanders’ controversial tweet comes days after she was in an especially-festive spirit at the November 20 White House press briefing. She “humiliated the press,” as CNN put it, by encouraging reporters to state things they were thankful for before they asked their questions.

“This is how it’s going to work today,” she said at the briefing. “If you want to ask a question I think it’s only fair since I’ve shared what I’m thankful for … you start off with what you’re thankful for.”

Most of the reporters who asked questions listened to Sanders’ requests and stated what they were thankful for prior to asking questions about the Trump administration.

Ryan was one reporter who seemed to take exception to Sanders’ request, with her sarcastically saying what she was thankful for.

“I’m thankful for life,” Ryan said. “I’m thankful for my children. I’m thankful for 20 years in this job,” she started. Then it got ascerbic. I’m thankful to be able to talk to you and question you every single day,” Ryan said to Sanders before adding, “I hope you felt the passion of my thankfulness.”

Another reporter announced that he was thankful for the First Amendment, causing some in the room to laugh.