PHOTOS: Nick Foles & Daughter Lily Celebrate Eagles’ Win


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Nick Foles with Lily.

Nick Foles, the triumphant Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback, had a small fan in his corner as he led the team to dramatic victory: His infant daughter, Lily Foles.

Lily, who was born in June 2017, was spotted in the stands wearing an adorable set of headphones, as she sat in the lap of Foles’ wife, Tori. After the Eagles won, Nick Foles addressed the crowd while holding the child, sometimes lifting her aloft and giving her a kiss. You can see photos from the heartwarming moment throughout this article.

lily foles GettyLily wore a jacket with the last name Foles on it.)

The starting QB for Super Bowl 2018 has discussed his first child – whose full name is Lily James Foles – in emotional interviews, saying the child motivates him to perform on the football field. And perform he did, leading the Eagles to victory even though he was a replacement for an injured quarterback earlier on. Nick Foles, 29, was raised in Austin, Texas, as part of a close-knit, affluent family that owned a series of restaurants.

It was obvious before the game how much Lily means to the QB. Nick Foles was asked about Lily the Eagles’ media availability before the Super Bowl. He became emotional as he tried to properly capture what Lily’s arrival means to him.

nick foles daughter GettyNick Foles with Lily.

“That’s the most important thing,” Foles said. “When I think about this journey and everything, I get home and I, uh … I get to see her. I get to see my wife. I see her and my wife, just in her face and in her mannerisms, that’s what it’s about. I know that every time I step on the field, every single thing I do, there’s going to be some days she looks and wants to know who her daddy was and what he did.”

Lily is the only child of Nick Foles and Tori, who is also athletic; she played volleyball for Arizona, which is where the couple met when Nick Foles played football there.

Tori Foles Instagram page Instagram/Tori FolesNick and Tori Foles with Lily Foles,

“She was the first person I actually ever saw at the University of Arizona,” he told Press of Atlantic City. “I was going to my (football) physical. I remember walking down the stairs and thinking, ‘Wow, this might be the most gorgeous person I’ve ever seen.’ But when you’re at the University of Arizona, everybody’s always talking about the women there.”

lily foles Nick Foles and Lily.

You can read more about Tori Foles here. She has spoken openly about her struggles with Lyme disease, indicating that the health issues have fortified her family’s faith.

It’s not the first time that Foles has spoken publicly about the importance of his small daughter, either. He did so at the start of the Eagles’ camp as well.

“It’s the greatest thing in the world. I can’t explain it,” Nick said. “Being a father is the coolest thing in the world.” The Delco Times reports that Nick Foles is “grounded by fatherhood.”

In the same interview with Delco Times, Nick Foles said he wants to make sure that Lily is proud of him when she grows up. “I think about that,” Foles said. “I know she’s going to grow up and I want her to be proud of her daddy.”