PHOTOS: Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Pancakes for His Daughter


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Tv host Jimmy Kimmel, wife Molly McNearney, and daughter Jane Kimmel attend the 7th annual L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade at UCLA on September 10, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Jimmy Kimmel isn’t just funny. He makes a mean pancake. Which is, of course, kind of funny. .The Oscars host shared adorable photos on Instagram that show he’s quite a creative pancake maker. In an Instagram post titled “Oscars Sunday,” he shared a photo of his daughter with an Oscar the Grouch pancake.

“Happy Oscar Sunday! #pancakes,” Kimmel wrote.

Kimmel’s pancake-making became the topic of discussion when, shortly before the March 4 Academy Awards (which Kimmel is hosting again), his wife, a comedy writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live! wrote an essay on it for The Washington Post. The essay was titled, “The adorable pancakes my husband, Jimmy Kimmel, cooks for our kids are making my life hell.”

Molly shared a photo Jimmy shared on the pancakes on Twitter. It seems that Jimmy read the Washpo article and decided to make the best artistic pancake of all: Oscar the Grouch.

Kimmel’s wife, Molly McNearny, continued, “He makes pancakes. And not your average pancakes. He makes art. With pancake batter. Like a lumberjack psychopath. I don’t mean to sound negative, but I’m a working mother. I’m tired. I don’t have much tolerance for showoffs.” She wrote on Twitter, “The adorable pancakes my husband @jimmykimmel makes are making my life hell.”

Kimmel couldn’t resist retorting on Twitter, responding, “Let’s be honest…of all the things I do to make your life hell, this isn’t in the top 185.”

Kimmel seems to have a habit of making creative pancakes to go with special occasions. “Happy #ValentinesDay! ❤️ #cupid #pancakes,” he wrote with another pancake-making attempt, this one less successful. The couple’s daughter, Jane, is 3. Their son, Billy, is 10 months old.

He was at it again on Halloween. “FlapJack O’Lantern & Friends…Happy Halloween!” he wrote with that photo. The AV Club and others took note, and Jimmy Kimmel making pancakes became watercooler discussion leading into the Oscars. “McNearney does seem legitimately irritated by Kimmel’s relentless drive for artistic carboyhydrates, especially when they draw an unwanted comparison to her own skills in the kitchen,” wrote AVClub.

Sometimes, he turns pancakes into humor. “Today’s pancake: Bacon!” he wrote with a pancake shaped like a pig’s face.

Sometimes, his pancakes are plays on movies. This one? Cars 3. Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars monologue supposedly won’t be as pointedly political as monologues in past years. Maybe he can joke about pancakes instead. Leave it to Kimmel and his wife to make pancakes funny.

“Thomas pancakes are even better than their English muffins,” he wrote with another artistic rendition.

Molly has said in the past that learning that Kimmel liked to cook sealed the deal in terms of her wanting to date him. Molly was a writer on Jimmy’s talk show. “All the writers would socialize after the show, and we would just hang out more and more. We really liked each other as friends, and then it just kind of turned. He cooked for me, and that was it. It sealed the deal,” she said, according to Glamour Magazine.