No, Nathan Chen Is Not Related to Karen Chen


karen chen, nathan chen Getty

Karen Chen and Nathan Chen.

There are two Chens – Nathan Chen and Karen Chen – who feature prominently on the American Olympic team 2018, and both are figure skating. However, are they related?

The answer is no. “National champion Nathan Chen and third place finisher Karen Chen are not brother and sister,” reports USA Today.

Nathan Chen and Karen Chen may share the last name, but they are not related to each other. However, they and Team USA have not been shy about highlighting the similarities in their backgrounds. “We come from a similar background and both our parents went through a lot to give us the opportunity to skate and help us be successful,” Nathan Chen said. “I think what Karen and I represent is everything that our parents stand for and how they raised us.”

According to Team USA, both Chens are pioneers: It’s the “first time that both singles champions at nationals were of Asian descent.” Both are Chinese-Americans.

Karen is 16-years-old, and Nathan is 18. Figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi, who is of Japanese heritage, was a role model for both skaters, Team USA says. Although Nathan is not Karen’s brother, she does have a brother who skates. His name is Jeffrey Chen, and he’s an ice dancer.

According to NBC, Karen “Chen won gold at the U.S. National Championship in 2017 and was named to her first world championship team.”

Nathan Chen once landed five quadruple jumps in competition to win the United States’ title.