Miami Beach’s Mokai Lounge: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Mokai Louge, Miami Beach, horse fall, spring break


Mokai Lounge Miami Beach, Horse incident March 7, 2018

Miami Beach nightclub Mokai Lounge has been ordered shut down and its license revoked after parading a horse and rider in a thong bikini into the spring break-packed venue last Wednesday where the white horse, surrounded by rowdy partying patrons and loud music, got spooked, fell, throwing the rider. The horse eventually managed to right itself and police said later it was unharmed. Some club-goers were reported to have been injured. Miami Beach police, city manager, mayor and code enforcement investigated and an emergency order shuttering the nightclub was issued.

This isn’t the first time the club has featured live animals. Images of a camel and a painted donkey were provided to CBS Miami. Many are blasting the venue for repeated animal cruelty and police have not ruled out cruelty charges.

What you need to know:

1.A String Bikini-Clad Woman & Little Person Atop a White Horse Parade Into a Packed Miami Beach Nightclub During a Spring Break Promotion

A video shows clearly the horse paraded into the venue being led by a handler with a little person and a young woman atop. Then the horse appears with just the “scantily clad” woman inside a throng of partying patrons when it loses its footing and crashes down onto the floor of the nightclub, tossing the woman. In the video people can be heard screaming as the horse stumbles and then struggles to get up and right itself. A man holding the horse’s lead can be seen trying to steer it back out of the crowd. There’s no reports of serious injuries for the horse, rider or patrons.

This is the full video posted on Facebook by Ixamar Palumbo and includes footage with adult language, of the horse and rider coming into the club, other club scenes, the fall and near-mayhem and the horse struggling desperately to get back on its hooves.

2.Posts on Social Media Calling Out the Club For Animal Cruelty Began Popping Up

#Repost @ashleyyhurtado with @get_repost ・・・ Absolutely shocked and disgusted at the event that occurred last night at @mokaiofficial. @theromanjones owner of @mokaiofficial and @kikiontheriver decided it would be a good idea to bring a horse into his club. I cannot believe how any of this was permitted- bringing any animal into a public scene for profit is wrong, but featuring a horse in an overcrowded nightclub in the middle of the city is animal cruelty, not to mention, is in violation of multiple city codes. @mokaiofficial @theromanjones MUST be prosecuted, as well as the caretaker of the horse. • As you can see in the video, the horse collapsed on the floor, which resulted in the serious injuries of several people, who were sent to the ER. When horses break their legs they are, more often than not, euthanized. All because @mokaiofficial wanted to make an extra buck. • PLEASE email the City Manager of Miami Beach ( and the Code Compliance Director ( urging them to take action. In the following images there are photos of a draft email you can use! You can also sign a link to a petition in my bio. Call City of Miami Beach Code Compliance at 305-673-7555 and ask for Hernan Cárdeno. Call City of Miami Beach Police Department at 305-673-7900 and complain. Call Animal Resource Office 305-673-7000 ext 3705. Call Miami Dade Animal Control 786-594-1189. Leave reviews on Yelp, Google and Facebook. • SPREAD THE WORD, REPOST, TAG PEOPLE THAT NEED TO SEE THIS AND THINK CAN HELP. WE THE PEOPLE have the power and WE THE PEOPLE will put a stop to this and ALL animal abuse. @peta @peta2 @jamesaspey @vegantraveleats @miamibeachpd @ethically_elizabeth @earthlinged @miamibeachnews @animaliberationfront @mercyforanimals @vegancommunity @soflovegans @miamibeach @miamitimes @miaminewtimes @telemundo #animalabuse #peta #mokaiclub #mokai #mokaimiami #kikiontheriver #boycottmokai #boycottkikiontheriver

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People are angry: “Absolutely shocked and disgusted at the event that occurred last night at @mokaiofficial.”

The license revocation is permanent, says Tonya Daniels, a city spokesperson, although the club can appeal the ruling, the Miami Times said.

3.Abhorrent, Vile, & Disgusting Were A Few of the Words Used By Miami Beach City Officials About the Horse Incident at Mokai Lounge

Mokai Lounge, Miami Beach, horse fall,

Mokai Lounge, Miami Beach, scene of horse incident

In a statement, Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy L. Morales said when the city was “made aware” of the incident with the horse at Mokai Lounge, an investigation was launched. “I was disgusted and offended that any legitimate business person would think this was an appropriate action to take,” Morlaes said in the statement.

Mayor Dan Gelber said, “Animal cruelty is an abhorrent and vile act.” ,” said Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber. Morlase said “based on the evidence collected” the club posed an “actual threat to the public health, welfare and safety” of residents according to city laws. And, to state the obvious, the Mokai Lounge “has engaged in activity that is outside the limitations of their business” license with the mayor backing him up. Miami Beach police said they’d investigate possible animal cruelty charges.

4.Miami Beach Revokes Mokai Lounge’s License After An Investigation Reveals Animal Cruelty & Public Health Hazard

Called an official emergency revocation of the club’s license, the city of Miami Beach took the incident seriously. Very seriously: “City Manager Morales ordered the immediate revocation of their business license effective immediately,” a statement from the city read.

The order reads in part, “on the evening of March 7 into the early morning hours of March 8 (Mokai Lounge) paraded a horse with at least one rider around it’s venue with a horde of patrons present the city of Miami Beach begin an investigation based on all the evidence collected including multiple video media clips depicting the “performance“ clearly shows the horse being spooked and throwing the scantily clad rider off while in the crowded lounge…” And the incident “warrants an emergency revocation of the lounge’s license.” The order was hand-delivered to manager Roman Jones.

Moaki Lounge, Roman Jones,

InstagramMokai Lounge manager Roman Jones’ Instagram

Jones told CBS News in Miami a marketing person had come up with the promotion and had been let go.

5.Mokai Lounge Tweeted Promotional Videos For The Mid-Weeknight Event & Had Previously Brought Live Animals Into The Club

How Mokai described what went down last Wednesday on Twitter did not include any images of the horse drama. Days before, the Lounge posted a promo video promising a wild Wednesday as Miami Beach and countless other Florida beaches welcome spring breakers.

This is not the first time the club has featured live animals as promotional props. In posts now either private or removed, images of a donkey with the club name painted on it and a camel were paraded inside previously.

Mokai Lounge, Miami Beach, spring break

Screenshot CBS MiamiPost of donkey at Mokai Lounge

Mokai Lounge, Animal cruelty, spring break

Screenshot CBS MiamiNow private, Life_Style Miami Instagram post