Melania Trump Arrives Separately to State of the Union 2018



Trump on his way to the State of the Union address – alone.

First Lady Melania Trump arrived separately to her husband’s State of the Union address 2018, which CNN says is a break in tradition.

“The motorcade ride, from the White House south lawn to the Capitol building, is just a handful of minutes, but for a first couple who has not been publicly seen together since New Year’s Eve, the separate cars were another in a string of isolated movements from a very independent first lady,” CNN reported.

melania Trump SOTU GettyMelania Trump.

The First Lady’s communications director released a statement that cast Melania’s separate arrival as no big deal. “Mrs. Trump is honoring her guests for the true heroes they are,” a statement from the first lady’s communications director Stephanie Grisham read, according to AOL. “Along with their friends and families, she is accompanying them to the Capitol.”

It’s true that Melania Trump – and the President – had invited a series of inspirational people to sit with the First Lady at the State of the Union address. The guests include a boy who has organized a national movement to put flowers and flags on people’s graves, several people who saved others during national disasters, such as Hurricane Harvey and the California wildfires, and the parents of two teenage girls in Long Island killed by the largely immigrant gang called MS-13.

GettyFirst lady Melania Trump arrives for the State of the Union address.

However, the First Lady’s every move is being closely analyzed due to unconfirmed reports that she was upset by the news stories alleging that her husband had an affair with a porn star. Ever since the stories about Stormy Daniels hit the news, the First Lady hasn’t been as firmly seen by her husband’s side. Most notably, she bowed out of attending a trip with him to Switzerland, citing logistical conflicts.

When she did appear, Melania caused new waves as people tried to interpret her clothing choice. Melania wore a white pants suit that was reminiscent of the pants suit that Hillary Clinton donned to Donald Trump’s inauguration. The pants suit, of course, came to personify Clinton and her supporters during the presidential election. White is known as the color of suffragism. Whether Melania Trump meant this as a subtle swipe at Clinton or a secret homage to her is open for interpretation. Or maybe she just liked the color.

It also might have been a statement in a different way as some prominent women in Congress were planning on wearing black in protest of sexual harassment and sexual assault of which her husband has been famously accused (and which he has denies.)