Lord of Dice: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know


Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Lord of Dice.

1. Utilize the Six Different Attack Types

Lord of Dice

Kakao Games Corp.

• Every Dicer has one of six different attack types that will determine the attack pattern on the board: Melee, Piercer, Magic, Whirlwind, Sniper, and Bomber. Strategically utilize different Dicers with the attack type needed to take advantage of the situation you’re in.

2. Master the Dice

Lord of Dice Kakao Games Corp.

• Along with attack types, each Dicer has a randomized “Move” value as well as a Dice Type. The “Move” value determines how many spaces you can move on the board and the Dice Type will determine the type of dice you roll during a Dice Battle. Mastering these two systems and knowing how to manipulate these is crucial.

3. Maximize Dicer EXP by Farming EXP Beans

Lord of Dice Kakao Games Corp.

• When leveling your Dicers within the Infinity Tower, it’s important to repeat the stages that are marked with an “EXP” icon. These stages will drop “EXP Beans” as rewards which you can use to level up your Dicers more quickly.

4. Upgrade the Master’s Skill

Lord of Dice Kakao Games Corp.

• Every Master has a unique skill that can easily turn the tides of battle. As such, it’s important to consistently upgrade your Master’s skill so that when the time comes, you’ll catch the enemies by surprise and annihilate them.

5. Benefit From the Special Dungeons

Lord of Dice Kakao Games Corp.

• Be sure to utilize the Daily Dungeon to obtain various materials needed to grow your Dicers. The dungeons will change on a daily basis, so be sure to check the dungeon schedule to optimize your week.

6. Duplicate Dicers are Awesome

Lord of Dice Kakao Games Corp.

• Although getting a duplicate of a rare monster in other games may be disheartening, summoning a duplicate Dicer in Lord of Dice will vastly help speed up the process of getting your favorite Dicers to its Limit Break potential.

7. Know Which Dicers can be Limit Broken

Lord of Dice Kakao Games Corp.

• Although every Dicer can be Awakened to substantially increase in strength, not all Dicers (specifically 4★ Dicers) can be Limit Broken (which is reaching the final form of Awakening). As such, it’s important to utilize the Dicer Index and identify which Dicers can be Limit Broken.

8. Make Friends and Use Their Dicers

Lord of Dice Kakao Games Corp.

• Be sure to invite your friends to Lord of Dice or make new friends in-game to utilize their strongest Dicers to ascend the Infinity Tower.

9. Enable 60 FPS and HQ for Buttery Smooth Gameplay

Lord of Dice Kakao Games Corp.

• If performance is your thing, we encourage you to enable the 60 FPS option as well as the HQ Mode in the settings. This will smooth out all of the animations in-game and maximize the game’s performance on your device.

10. Take Advantage of Daily Events

Kakao Games Corp.

Lord of Dice has frequent, ongoing events where you can earn amazing rewards to help you on your journey. Always be sure to check the “LoD News” icon for the latest events.

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