Laura González, Runner-Up Miss Universe 2017-2018: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Runner-Up Miss Universe 2017-2018, who came in second place at miss universe 2017


Tonight, Laura Gonzalez was named runner up at the Miss Universe pageant.

Ganzalez, 22, was born in Cali, in Southwest Colombia, and stands 5’10”.

Speaking of her country in an introductory video for the pageant, she said, “Colombians are fighters, but they don’t stop smiling.”

Here’s what you should know about Laura Gonzalez.

1. She Is from Cartagena De India

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2. She Studied Acting at the School of Education Actoral House Ensemble

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3. She Speaks 3 Languages

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4. She Is an Actress

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5. She Enjoys Yoga an d Pilates

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