Kelly Canon: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Texas Congressman Joe Barton has confirmed that he sent sext messages on Facebook to a well-known Tea Party activist in the state. On November 28, the Fort-Worth Star Telegram published a report alleging that Barton had sent explicit message to his constituent Kelly Canon. The message were sent between 2012 and 2013 while Barton was married to his second wife, Terri. One message saw Barton ask Canon if she was “wearing a tank top only… and no panties,” that was quickly followed with “answer me miss evasive.” Another message from Barton said, “men are men… and u r definitely a sexy woman.” Canon told him that “all the good ones are married” to which Barto nsaid, “I don’t know about good… but I am married … I am not thinking good thoughts at this moment … blush.” Barton confirmed to the Star Telegram that the messages were real saying, “I will affirm I did have the exchange, but nothing more.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Canon’s Opponent for City Council in 2016 Said He Would Much Rather Talk to a Parrot Than Her

Kelly Canon Facebook page

Facebook/Kelly Canon

Canon’s run for Arlington City Council in 2016 was covered by the Dallas Morning News. Canon was challenging “hothead” Charlie Parker for the seat, according to the Morning News. In response to a letter Canon had sent him, Parker responded, “I am convinced you are the most negative person that I have ever encountered. I have absolutely no respect for the Kelly Canon’s [sic] of the world. I would much rather talk to a parrot.”

Shortly afterwards, Canon announced her candidacy for Parker’s seat in 2016 via Twitter. Ulitmately her bid failed. An advocacy website for Canon wrote that Tea Party activist was “firm, principled, courteous, and unlike her opponent, she will not be described by the Dallas Morning News as “…the rides city council member in North Texas, based on samples of his emails to constituents.” Kelly will listen to your concerns, not laugh in your face.”

2. Canon’s Major Political Goal Is to Abolish Red Light Cameras in Texas

Kelly Canon Joe Barton

Facebook/Kelly Canon

Canon’s goal of abolishing red light traffic cameras in Texas earned her national attention as Fox News covered her struggle. Canon told the network that she believed a liberal PAC had paid protesters $18 to counteract her group’s demonstrations. Canon said, “The marketing firm is trying to create an illusion of local support for the camera. You basically have a camera company trying to save their monetary hide. They are creating fake groups that they hide behind.”

The Fox News report covers how Canon set up a PAC, Citizens For a Better Arlington, with her friend Faith Bussey. Prior to coming forward with the messages, Canon told the Star Telegram, “I did two days of soul seraching. I got this feeling his ego was getting in the way.”

3. Canon Campaigned for Donald Trump

Kelly Canon Joe Barton

Facebook/Kelly Canon

According to posts on her Facebook page, Canon actively campaigned for Donald Trump. Canon writes in her bio on Facebook, “I’m an 8th generation Texan and graduate of Texas A&M University (’82) with a degree in Architecture. Canon is a native of Lake Jackson, Texas, and now lives in Arlington.

4. Barton Says He Apologized to Canon; While Canon Says She Never Received an Apology

Joe Barton Kelly Canon


On November 29, Canon told the Washington Post that Rep. Barton never apologized for sending her obscene messages. Though speaking to the Star Telegram, a consultant said that Barton did apologize for sending the messages.

Canon said in her interview with the Star Telegram, “He took it a step far on rare occasions. He was very fascinated with my attire, to the point of being inappropriate.”

5. Calls for Barton to Resign Continue to Grow

Shortly after the Star Telegram published the revelations about Barton’s sext messages, the newspaper published an editorial titled, “Hey Joe, It’s Time to Go.” The piece concludes with the line, “Joe Barton has acknowledged the two incidents we know about. He’s said he’s sorry he sent the nude photo. Now he needs to say good-bye.”

While Canon told the Star Telegram, “[Barton] actually thinks he cane win. I thought maybe if I come forward maybe others will come forwrd too… Someone has to step up. This is a pattern.” The same article notes that Tarrant County Republican Chairman Tim O’Hare has called for Barton to resign. Barton has represented Texas’ 6th Congressional District since 1985.