Kathryn Mahoney and Ben Kebbell: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


A college student in Connecticut ended up in jail after a bad breakup with her boyfriend, according to the Fairfield Citizen.

Kathryn A. Mahoney, 19, of Nashua, N.H., was arrested March 1 for allegedly punching her boyfriend in the face when he suggested they stop dating, Fairfield Citizen reported.

According to Fairfield Citizen, Mahoney responded to being dumped by striking him in the stomach and face, breaking his nose. She was taken to jail shortly after and is being charged with third-degree assault and disorderly conduct.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Mahoney is a Student and a Model

According to Andres Linares on The Roosevelts website, Mahoney is his “favorite model.”

Linares did a photo shoot with Mahoney in Boston in June, 2017. While they were doing a photo shoot in Beacon Hill, people kept stopping and commenting on Mahoney and her “button downs” so they moved the shoot to her friend’s pool, according to the site.

“Choosing pictures from a photo-shoot with Kate is a real struggle every picture just comes out amazing,” Linares said on the site. “This 19-year-old model from outside Boston does it all, she grew up playing every sport you can imagine and has continued her athletic career in college.”

Linares also mentiones that Mahoney’s Instagram account “started to blow up” after they started a photographer/model partnership.

“Her modeling career is just going up and before you notice you are going to see her face in GQ and obviously in Sports Illustrated,” Linares says on the site. You can check out more of her photos on the website.

2.. Mahoney Broke Boyfriend Ben Kebbell’s Nose After he Suggested they Split Up

Victim Ben Kebbell claims he suffered a beating after trying to end his relationship with fellow student and model Kathryn A. Mahoney earlier this month, reports Fairfield Citizen.

According to Fairfield Citizen, Kebbell told police that Mahoney hit him after he mentioned the end of their relationship.

Kebbell allegedly tried to stop the attack by grabbing Mahoney’s shoulder, but was forced to run to a friend’s dorm room to get help, reports the Daily Mail.

He took himself to St. Vincent hospital to be treated for a swollen and bloody nose after the incident, the Fairfield Citizen reported.

2. Kebbell Snapchatted Friends His Bloody, Swollen Nose

After the incident, Kebbell Snapchatted his friends to update them on what happened, The Daily Mail reports.

“The Katie thing comes with a broken nose lol” Kebbell said on one picture, with blood streaming down his nose and into his mouth.

Kebbell posted another picture a short time later after cleaning his face off and appeared to be in good spirits, smiling at the camera, reports the Daily Mail.

3. Mahoney Was Arrested and is Being Charged with Assault

Mahoney was taken into custody and booked on third-degree assault and disorderly charge, reports Fairfield Citizen.

Mahoney was held on a $1,500 bond and was scheduled to be arraigned in state Superior Court in Bridgeport March 2.

5. Both Mahoney and Kebbell are Swimmers at Fairfield University in Connecticut

According to Mahoney’s Facebook page, she works at Hayward’s Ice Cream shop in Nashua, N.H. and is a freshman at Fairfield University. Her Instagram page shows nearly 150 thousand followers. In addition to swimming, Mahoney has also worked as a model, The Daily Mail reports.

Kebbell is originally from the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom. He studies at Fairfield University and both he and Mahoney are freshman and on the swim team, according to The Daily Mail.

Fairfield University is a small, private university with approximately 5,100 students.